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    4-CEC / 4-chloroethcathinone 
    Anyone dare to speculate to its effects?
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    I found ethcathinone and 4-methylethcathinone to be junk. Extremely anxiety inducing and serotonergic, no euphoria and no good stimulation. Not "rolly" either. I would assume a 4-position halogenated ethcathinone would be vaguely similar. But that's just my experience in the area. There are a good amount of people who love 4-MEC, although I've heard a lot of vendors pawned off their stacks of 4mmc/etc as 4MEC to get rid of it when the bans hit.

    4-MMC was a fluke, a one of a kind ghost in the system and we got lucky. 4-EMC was decent and probably the closest thing to 4-MMC I have had if that's what you're going for here; but by no means would I use it and abuse it like I did with Mephedrone. Even the late game 4-MMC from India was not as fun for me as the pre-ban stuff from china, I won't bother guessing as to why though.

    I have not read up on potential toxicity of para-halogenated cathinones, but I know that with the exception of flourine, there is real potential for some neurotoxicity with the para-halogenated amphetamines.

    Considering that 4CEC will be less than mediocre at best, I would recommend finding a more established chemical to mess with.
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    Worse than 4-CMC and just as potentially toxic.

    Here's hoping noone tries this to find out.
    Please use the Search & Index
    Please make sure you always reagent test your drugs. $10 is a small price to pay for peace of mind!
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    Agreed. I have a bad feeling about this one.
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    anyone has good experience with 4-CEC at least maybe someone found his sweet spot ?
    For me 4 CMC is a good addition to my collection...
    I found my sweet spot, and as i had to finish a track for my label.
    I found myself rolling soft but real cool, for three hours, then one hour of residual stimulation then back to baseline.
    So i don't know, i never felt nasty side effects, and i think it's an ok chem, and even if i prefer 4-EMC, as i could not get some, i was happy to discover it.
    So i was curious with 4 - CEC i'd like to read more TRs at least...
    Anyway now i can have 4-EMC from trusted lab, but i guess it was on the chinese ban list ?
    So it's the last stock of 4 EMC and 4-MEC on the market for now n then it's going to disapear.
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    Any recent reports of this one?
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    Hey I recently received a 5g sample of the 4-cec and found it to be a good chem at high doses not that I'm recommending anyone to take high doses of this Chem, after trying this I found some worrying reports which state 4-cec is synthesised using 4-ca which is used in studies to selectively destroy receptors in the brain sounds bad so I would defiantly stay well clear of this one, since trying this Chem I have found my self finding it hard to enjoy things rember things (short term) i am worried I have damaged my dopamine receptors moral of the story is stay away from this Chem severely neurotoxic, if your like me and still on your quest to find a 4-mmc replacement then try 3-fpm thas the only stim worth doing imo.
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    I found some worrying reports which state 4-cec is synthesised using 4-ca
    I doubt it is.
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    Did anyone else try it?
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    Any ideas on how to differentiate this from Hexen?

    And does anyone knows how it looks upon EZtest/marquis-ing?
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