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    Will kratom get me off of lyrica? 
    I'm trying my best to rid myself of this pharn drug from hell......So I bought a pound and 300 grams of kratom.....I have been thru withdrawals from kratom but I would rather go thru that than go thru the hellish withdrawals of lyrica.....So I was wondering anyone here had a successful switch from one to another.......I have klonopin which ironically I don't abuse but the Lyrica has to go and i won't touch any illegal drugs like H, or meth because I'm alomst ten years sober from all that......I just need to know can kratom mask the withdrawals. I got golden leaf kratom and yellow indo even tho I go for the straight Bali I have never tried the yellow indo......The golden leaf makes me real tired but in a good way.
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    Why not taper with gabapentin? You could probably also use the klonopin as a safety net.

    The use of kratom for a drug like this, really wouldn't seem to make sense. If you respond positively to it, it may help in terms of comfort, but in terms of being an aid in the discontinuation based up the mechanism of action it does nothing to assist.

    How much lyrica were you taking and for how long? Why do think it is the drug from hell?
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    Because I can't seem to take it right.....I had gabapentin as a net but probably no longer do since I can't even take that right......It's kinda like this...In the past i was on abilify to get me out of a psychosis. It had mad insomnia issues so I just started toking on a bowl of ICE and weed and had no withdrawals.....I have been on this drug since last year at this time in which we switched to lyrica from gabapentin....I know kratom doesn't even mess with the calcium channels to the gaba but was more wondering will i just be f up'd and not really care.
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    BTW how is Yellow Indo?
    Anyone would this be better at BDD?
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    Kratom will not help withdrawal from pregablin they are two totally different drugs. You would have to take a awful lot of kratom to get "f'd up" enough to not notice your withdrawal symptoms stemming from ceasing use of lyrica. Gabapentin is your best option as the two drugs can be used to replace one another unlike kratom. Why can't you take gabapentin right? You could get someone to hold onto them for you is that possible?
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    Phenibut can be purchased w/o a Rx if you can't get gabapentin. They are all interchangeable with one another (lyrica, gabapentin, phenibut) unlike kratom that will do absolutely nothing and could exacerbate symptoms by increasing NE levels.
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    Are you sure the phenibut will work. I just ordered some so hopefully it does the trick.
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    No phenibut is a GABAergic.

    Gabapentin and pregabalin are not GABAergics despite the names, they are analogues of GABA but they happen to act differently, like indeed on calcium channels, substance P, and other things. GABA and glutamate levels or balance can be changed or enhanced indirectly though.

    I am also curious how much you took and for how long? I am on Lyrica for a few months now on 150-225 mg a day and to me it's great. I don't feel comfortable when I don't take it for 3 days straight like recently after rolling on NYE... but nothing like benzo or phenibut withdrawals. The discomfort is slightly similar. Anyway a benzo fixed my mild and not total insomnia that third day even though it works differently.

    Of course even substances that don't work the same can still ease side effect or withdrawal of another one.. but the overlap will only be partial. It also depends on the strength of what you are taking to ease yourself. I think it can complicate and possibly extend withdrawals as you are interfering with your brain resetting itself.

    Best is tapering with some guidance / supervision / help, and maybe occasionally a sedative or opioid although warning!! the combination can feel pretty nasty. I found that stuff like benzo's can make me feel even worse if there is still pregabalin in my system. So take it easy!
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    So I order almost two pounds of kratom and 80 grams of phenibut for nothing. Until the doctor sees me he will not write anymore scripts for Gabapentin. I'm truly get sick of this back and forth with me. I just hope the kratom will mask most of the pain I'm in for.
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    Not likely in the case of the phenibut, no. I would keep on it no longer than two weeks though. Get stable quick as possible then quick taper off in 2nd week. Only enough to make things bearable (its not going to feel "good" anyway ).

    On the kratom... I can't think of many good reasons. I would find it counterproductive in any sort of gaba crisis.

    It will be real nice once youre feeling better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sonicwhite View Post
    So I order almost two pounds of kratom and 80 grams of phenibut for nothing. Until the doctor sees me he will not write anymore scripts for Gabapentin. I'm truly get sick of this back and forth with me. I just hope the kratom will mask most of the pain I'm in for.
    I wouldn't say that if nothing else the kratom will be great for a daytime energy booster and to help with some physical pain and who knows if you respond well to it the opioid effects might give you enough of a mood lift to make it more bearable. I'd do kratom in the morning and maybe one more dose after work or early evening then use weed, phenibut and antihistamines for sleep.

    When I came off temazepam I used kratom either in the morning or after work, weed always after work and weed, pregabalin, DXM (15-30mg) and various antihistamines for sleep. I slept every night minus maybe 3-4 (not consecutive) during the entire process, while my w/d wasn't painless it was very mild. Good luck!
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    Personally I actually do think the kratom would help. Obviously if you're coming off of 600 mg + per day the kratom won't put much of a dent in it at all, but part of the wd's from lyrica are being demotivated and for lack of better words "depressed", like it's tough for you to even get out of bed and face life - kratom will help in this regard.

    I also think the phenibut will put a dent in your lyrica wd's, but again it depends on how much you are coming off of. You will still "feel" the wd's, but phenibut will help ease some of your anxiety and depression. Especially if you don't have a tolerance to phenibut, take like 3+ grams and I don't see how it wouldn't make you feel better.

    IMO just because something doesn't effect the same brain functions doesn't mean it won't make you feel better. I think some of the advice here is speaking in terms of a purely scientific sense and doesn't necessarily apply in terms of how kratom and phenibut would contribute to your overall sense of well being. For example, benzos will make you feel a hell of a lot better when going through opiate wd's even though they don't effect the same brain functions.

    Also, there was a point where I was averaging over 600 mg per day of lyrica for over 3 months and switching to gabapentin worked beautifully for getting off it. I didn't even taper off the lyrica, just went straight from my 600 mg / day habit to something like 2400 mg gabapentin and suffered zero discomfort whatsoever. Then from there it was actually really easy to drop my gabapentin dose to 1800 mg after one month then to 1200 the next month. I took 1200 mg of gabapentin for one month then got off that cold turkey and the wds were VERY minimal - basically a bit of insomnia for about a week, but that's it.

    So, if I were you, I would do whatever it takes to get your hands on some gabapentin, especially considering how extremely easy it is to get a doc to write a script for it. You could have used the money you spent on kratom and phenibut towards getting some gabapentin and gotten way more bang for your buck in terms of avoiding wd's.
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    Kratom made gabapentin withdrawal way worse for me, what sucked was I was dependent so I had to dose no matter what. It seemed to increase the restlessness and anxiety two fold, it also made the burning skin sensation really bad. You could give it a try, but don't expect miracles. My gabapentin habit was very small as well, about 1,800mgs for close to month.
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    I withdrew from lyrica once (ran out 3 days before my new supply came in) I was averaging about 600mg / day. In those 3 days I took a lot of kratom. I was still pretty incapacitated in that the kratom didn't cure the withdraws per say, but I can without a doubt say I felt way better while peaking on the kratom than I did in between doses. I was dosing 3x / day at about 6 - 8 grams of powder with a medium tolerance. I still felt like shit even while the kratom was in full force, but I felt worse in between doses.
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    It's weird, when I stopped taking lyrica (900mg/day, tolerance gets high so quickly) I didn't have any withdrawal syndromes (and I know how kicking feels)... Took them for maybe 5 months to taper down on my benzos/sub diminution, worked great BTW.

    You've got a lot of very informative posts ITT.

    But I'm also curious about that ^^'
    Why do think it is the drug from hell?
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    I think you will get some relief as Kratom does act as a calcium channel blocker too,but i also think that on its own it wont do the trick,try combining the kratom and phenibut and i think you will be pleasantly surprised as long as you take sufficient amounts of both. You will only be swapping one addiction for another,but like you i was on pregabalin for GAD,which worked wonders,but the side effects became all too apparent,like bloating and weight gain,also foggy thinking and being clumsy.

    I ended up swapping a Bupreorphine habit and pregabalin for diazepam and kratom,the later two work much better for me.
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