Has anybody here successfully seized opiate use with kratom? I'm wanting to pretty much quite pills and replace them with kratom but I've found It doesn't have much effect at around 6g doses. Just a slight body buzz with mild sedation. My drug of choice thus far has been Tramadol, occasionally combined with a benzo. I Normally dose around 200mg, never exceeding 350mg in one day and I try not to dose more than one day in a row. I probably use three times a week. Sometimes less, sometimes more. I've never really gone through sever physical WD's and id like to keep it that way with the kratom. I just have a few questions.

1. will my tolerance to real opiates disappear eventually, thus making kratom more effective?

2. whats the best dosing schedule to reduce dependancy/tolerance?

3. what would be a comparable dose of kratom to the amount of tramadol I normally take?

4. are there any ways to make kratom more effective?

Thanks in advance. I'd really like to make kratom work for me, and I'd love to get the most from the experience. It just seems relatively mild, and I don't feel many of the effects people speak about.