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    Question about Kratom 
    I haven't had kratom in quite a while, I'm trying to use it to help with chronic pain and to take a break from the other opiates I've been using for pain. I ordered a variety pack, there are 5 different types. I'm used to buying it using the names like Maeng Da (sp?), but these packs aren't labelled with those names, these are names like Twilight forest Super Powder, Super Powder, Super Premium Grade Powder, etc. I'm wondering if these are just like the regular leaf I've bought in the past. Anyone have any idea? I'm trying to figure this out for dosing purposes. If I took more than 10 grams of the Maeng Da, will I still need about the same amount of this? Or is it stronger?

    I hope you understand my question and someone can help with an answer. I want to make sure these aren't extracts where I need a much smaller amount, or something like that.

    Thanks so much!
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    Those sound sketchy and probably not just straight leaf. I reccomend trying a different source. I can't tell you how much you'd need because ik nothing about those extracts, but definitely start lower than you regular leaf dose.
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    Sounds like mystery bag headshop "kratom". The fact they have to put SUPER in every name means they are most likely shit and you would require more than a quality plain leaf. Since their is no way of knowing what they contain start low and work your way up until desired effects are achieved. Also....don't support shady companies by purchasing that crap anymore if at all possible.
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    Without something like GC or LC you won't be able to tell potency of kratom until you consume it.

    Kratom extracts are very noticably different in taste, texture & sometimes alkaloid content than powdered kratom. I have seen some extracts that are just red/brown mystery herb with no alkaloid content (e.g. worthless) and I have seen some that are 100% alkaloids (looks like instant coffee, soluble almost completely in warm water, tastes quite bitter).

    I think all around the powdered leaf is far more effective. I personally havent noticed very much of a difference in potency for various varieties as long as they are reasonably fresh...
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    I've experimented with some head shop kratoms. They mainly had a thai and maeng da version. The maeng da tasted far, far more bitter, yet it had barely any effects until i took about 10+ grams and then i just felt like fainting. The thai however felt like a classic opiate. But, screw headshops. They rip you off anyway.
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    I like the enhanced kratom but it really takes trying different kinds to find a vender that isn't BS...I usually get any enhanced/super or whatever mang da...from my experience I've had best luck with most mang da. If they don't work very strong though I would switch venders.
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    The kratom I have ever had was enhanced bali, basically the same as regular bali but significantly stronger. UEI is good too, although i dont like it on its own, feels like its missing something but its great mixed with plan leaf.
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