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    Deja Vu in Dreams/Recurring Dreams 
    I'm sure some if not a lot of you have experienced these things but I was wondering if anyone had any links or information regarding information on the subject, especially why and how these things occur. I've found plenty of things on what causes deja vu in real life, but not really anything as far as dreams. It doesn't happen that often, but once in a while during a dream I will have the feeling of deja vu, like I've been in the same dream landscape so to speak in previous dreams. I believe I've had recurring dreams also, but it's probably been quite a while.

    Also if anyone would like to share their own experience with recurring dreams or deja vu in dreams feel free.
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    Actually, I take it back... After looking at a list of common recurring dreams I have the trying to find a bathroom one, and it's probably because I just had to piss. That doesn't really explain why the dream is usually in a school type setting or institution tho. I'm sure someone could probably come up with some psychoanalytical reason. lol
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    I've had a specific recurring dream for a while now. I don't experience it that often... maybe a few times a year. It's really strange. Basically, in my dream, I'm in my "grandmother's house" in Maine. It's a huge 3-story house and I know the landscape like the back of my hand. The weird thing is... I only have the memories of that house while I'm dreaming. I've never had a grandmother that lived in Maine and I have definitely never seen that house in my life. It is so bizarre. I could probably draw out a blueprint of the house, that's how well I know it.

    That's the most specific one I can think of. But I think I experience that weird deja vu feeling a lot in my dreams. Or more specifically, it's almost like I'm a different person in my dreams, with a whole new set of memories. For example, just last night I had a really weird dream where I specifically remember thinking about my past. In my dream I was sitting in my room thinking about a puppy that I had adopted a few years prior, but was sad because I had to give him away after a few weeks. I was trying to remember the reason I had to give him away in the first place, and then I woke up. I've never had a dog like the one in my dream and definitely haven't ever had to give one away. So it's just really weird how I have these vivid memories of really specific things in my dreams and they never even happened to me. Who knows!
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    I seem to have the exact same thing as you a set of reoccuring dreams, either back in school, in a citys downtown ive never been too, at a music festival in bc i frequent and a couple others. They arevery vvivid and real feeling and always leave me feeling down and off in the mornings. I think ive narrowed mine down to the ssri i take though. Are you taking any medications or other drugs that may be influencing these dreams? I find when I am on opiates the dreams are much less common and I dont remember as much of them.
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    Nope, I just take xanax right now.

    I actually had another deja vu type thing occur in a dream last night. Besides the other parts of the dream, I ran into a hippie guy and gal that I somehow knew (in the dream). I don't know who these people were or represented in real life yet like I said in the dream I knew them and was good friends with the female.
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    Recurring dream, lucid dreams and false awakenings has always been a part of me, i find it to be disturbing sometimes but most of the time i enjoy them.

    The most horrible dream i had was a false awakening, i got out of bed and started to brush my teeth looking at myself in the mirror and knowing 100% certain i was awake, it was like every other ordinairy day.
    Until i woke up, realised i had just been dreaming about waking up, but now i was absolutely sure i was awake, went into the bathroom, started brushing again...and then i woke up..but i was still dreaming.
    At a certain point i started to realise what was happening, how i was dreaming that i was waking up all the time, but i actually wouldnt.
    This loophole continued for a while and each time i became more and more scared, how could i be dreaming, while having concious thoughts about being awake, knowing i wasn't asleep, while i actually was.
    At some point i started to panick like hell, became affraid that i was in a coma or anything, and then all of a sudden i really woke up...soaked in sweath and a bloody mouth because i was biting my tong.

    This happened back in 2009 when i was in a mental institution, i still don't know if it was related to some of the meds it ook, the psychotic state i was in or because of stress.
    It is still something i think about a lot, and sometimes i even want to think i just dreamed all is that for a mindfuck, questioning if your recurring lucid dreaming were only dreams

    Lucid dreaming are the ones i enjoy, most of the time i become a lucid dreamer when i bump in to a good lucking girl, my concious come in to play thinking, well since im dreaming it doesn't matter im in the streets right now, so i might as well strip her naked and ***her silly, i start to do the act but right before climaxing i wake up...sadly.
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    I have lucid dreams when on opiates, which I Have been for an injury. This can be scary cuz I think I had conversations that I didn't
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