Thread: Precipitated WD and blocking effects

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    Precipitated WD and blocking effects 
    *I believe I had a username here a while back, but I don't remember any of the info, so I made a new one.*


    I had taken a 8mg suboxone a little less than 12 hours after I did some dope. I went into precipitated WD and about an hour later took another 8mg suboxone, thinking it would help. (I was WRONG about that.) Anyways, I felt like trash for a while. I started feeling somewhat better and then did some more dope. It took care of the WD symptoms that I still had. I did some more a few times during the day but obviously didn't feel the full effects. My question is, does precipitated WD change anything as long as the amount of time the suboxone blocks my receptors?? Also, before taking the suboxone, I had none in my system before that. (Not a daily suboxone user) So does any of this change the amount of time I will need before feeling the full effects of the dope?? It has been about 40 hours now since the last suboxone dose. I know that doing dope with the suboxone in my system would block some of the effects, but I figured that it would also help lower the time I have to wait to feel it 100%. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    You did a ton of suboxone man might have to wait 72 hours
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    Yeah 16mg of bupe could potentially block for 72 hours even after 1 dose. I would wait at least 24 hours before taking anymore dope..... hopefully though, within 48 hours after just the one dose you should be back close to normal. I would imagine that the first 24 though you should feel a very strong block.
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    This isn't necessarily true. I took 2 subs every morning daily, around 3pm I banged 3bags with intent to hold for a day without taking subs, my willpower sucks. Surprisingly I got so damn high that if I hadn't of took them 2 subs that morning I would of ODed, I was on 3 subs a day, as long as I didn't take a suboxone the next day,24hrs off of suboxone I'll be high, almost always I can get high if I don't take more than a half a sub in a day......just my body...
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