Thread: new oxycodone 30mg? alg 265

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    new oxycodone 30mg? alg 265 
    From swimmers exp his dog cant iv or smoke...anyone else's dog have this problem with the alg 265's?

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    You won't find many dogs or swimmers on this site.

    Haven't seen the alg 265

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    its the alvogen brand.

    They dont slide for smoking and they are pretty much impossible to iv.

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    bump..any soulutions?

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    bump....just got my script filled an they're all alg 265's so please any advice if any is known here please

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    Well i never used to smoke roxys too often, i found it to be wasteful. and as far as IV goes, i never IVed em and when i finally started IVing i was doing good ol H. so when i encountered these i either snorted em or ate em. It worked both ways for me. I prefer to potentiate while taking these bad boys, Cimetidine and diphenhydramine is great along with these, if you have the rare promethazine or carisoprodol pills then those also work quite damn well... Best of luck!

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    Stop bumping. Double posting let alone triple posting isn't appreciated on BL.

    Take them back to the pharmacy and say they are not working like the generic you had before and ask them to exchange them for a different manufacturer or order a replacement if they don't have a second brand of oxy 30mg IR's in stock.

    One time I got my 60x1mg Klonopin script filled at the pharmacy inside an Albertsons (more seen out west, while I was living in Colorado, I live in IL now and don't see them ever) and I got this shitty unknown generic manufactured in Asia that had just come on the market. I used about 9 of them then went back and they took my 51 tablets, marked them for destruction, and filled the remainder of my script with a great generic that ended up working well.

    I can almost guarantee this will work. Say there's something wrong with the tablets and you aren't getting your pain relief and you demand a different manufacturer.

    And by the way dude, please stop abusing your scripted 30's. The 30mg oxycodone IR tablets are among the most difficult to get these days to due their jump in popularity after the OC formulae changed. I won't say "people like you," but people that do that and misuse/abuse their high dosage pain meds are the reason that there's a stigma behind it in the first place and doctors are hesitant to Rx pain meds to people who truly need them.

    Anyway. Sounds like a shitty brand. And I thought the KvK-Tech brand was unliked. Which they shouldn't be. I was scripted #120 of the 10mg oxycodone KvK-Tech "K|56" generic brand tabs a month and they worked perfectly I thought they were great quality and their blue 30mg tabs worked just as well.

    I know of a lot of the 30mg IR's (M box 30 (Mallinckrodt), A215, K9, V 4812, and 54 199) but never heard of the ALG 265's. They sound problematic and made by an annoying manufacturer. Like I said, go back to the pharmacy ASAP and say they're not working for your pain even CLOSE to how your old generics worked and request the Actavis or Mallinckrodt generic. They will do it. If I got a po-dunk grocery store pharmacy to replace a partial prescription with another MFR generic clonazepam, you'll surely have luck with this seeing as 30mg oxycodone is very serious as it's a C-II med.

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    We do not allow specific brand/pill discussion. Read the OD Guidelines.

    Also, please do not bump your own threads in the future. Have some patience. SWIM and other third person posting is also not allowed.. it does not give you legal protection and it's annoying to read. Look at the BLUA as well for the rules.


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