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    Dilaudid pill dilution 
    Question my bro from another mama crushed and diluted a yellow 4mg dilly tab, filtered out as much as possible in cold saline. after dilution the liquid is yellowish clear. He wants to know if that is safe to inject?
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    I don't think anyone can accurately answer that question, but if you have to ask it then maybe you shouldn't.
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    Without a micron filter you are still shooting fine particles into your lungs that stick in the capillaries forever.
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    yes I agree, he used a needle with micro filter attached to it. Once he filtered it the solution is clear and no sediments visible, but since the pill was yellow in color after passing the diluted dilly tab through two micro filter needles the solution remained very clear but yellowish. Which was the color of the tab. He just wanted to know if thats what its suppose to look like b4 injecting. or else he was just going to take it oral.
    thanks guys, I dont know much about injecting stuff, just thought i asked. i told him to view online and sign up to the website but he has no internet access right now.
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    If he used a filter I think he's good the yellow is dye from the pill
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    Thank you will advise.
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    i just shake n bake em.
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    Yeah, This is the color I always get when i shoot dillies. Don't worry about it. Dilaudid is pretty water soluble.
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