Thread: suboxone after dilaudid? help!

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    suboxone after dilaudid? help! 
    hi all. I've been dabbling wit opiates for years. I went on suboxone maintenance for 2 years, came off bout a year ago. now im back to tolerance is pretty decent to say the least. last night I banged an 8mg dilaudid for the first time. didn't have much of an effect. I felt the rush, but it wore off REALLY fast. I managed to get my hands on a 8mg suboxone strip which I really want to take. my question is how long should I wait to take the sub? I REALLY cant afford to go into precipitated wd! its been roughly 15 hours since the dilaudid. any advice would be GREATLY appreciated! thanks all!
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    when I got switched from dilaudid to suboxone when I was in the hospital with my infection, I took my last dose of the hydromorphone at 12 Midnight and the following morning at 9:30 I was good to take buprenorphine. My last dilaudid dose was only 2mg IV and I feel like I metabolize shit pretty fast so I was good to go after only roughly 10 hours. If it makes any difference, my first buprenorphine dose was without naloxone.

    I feel like 15 hours is long enough with dilaudids half life being so fast, but I don't know what your use was like prior to the last dose of 8mg. Do you feel like your in withdrawal? If you feel like you can make it a few more hours then go for it, but otherwise just make sure your feeling symptoms of your body wanting opiates
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