Thread: Saint John's Wart + Abilify + Seroquel + Guanfacine?

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    Saint John's Wart + Abilify + Seroquel + Guanfacine? 
    Hello everyone I was just wondering if it is safe to take Saint John's Wart with Abilify, Seroquel, and Guanfacine. Any help is appreciated!!!! Thank you all very much!
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    What mg doses are you taking?
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    Hey, I am planning on taking 300mg of Saint John's Wort.
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    That is a safe combination. There may be some slight interaction between the ability/ seroquel and the St. John's wart. St.John's wort decreases the reuptake of dopamine, meaning more is released, while abilify and seroquel decrease the amount of dopamine produced. This is not something to be too concerned about, there just may be a diminished efficiency in these drugs.
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