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    Methoxphenidine/88mg + 45mg/First time use/Mash-up 
    I was planning to do a pure trip report, taking only Methoxphenidine, but due perhaps to limitations of the drug it didn’t turn out that way so it all got a bit messy towards the end :-)

    Height: 170cm/5'6"
    Weight: 73k/160lbs
    Experience: First time with Methoxphenidine, very experienced with dissociatives and arylcyclohexylamines.
    Age: Not quite retirement age, but old enough to know better

    Times are approximate.

    00:00 88mg Methoxphenidine taken orally at 6pm. Last ate food at 1pm.

    01:30 Starting to feel it. Pupils a bit dilated, rumblings in the stomach.

    02:20 Visuals fluttering, feeling quite energised, rushing a little bit, nice, want to get moving.

    02:30 Very fluttery, feeling good but want to ramp it up, tempted to redose.

    02:45 Heading out into town, so redosed 45mg (oral), tastes pretty good.

    03:00 Out walking. Walked quite slowly, aware of resistance with air molecules :-) Nicely dissociative, floaty.

    03:30 Although the dissociative feeling is nice, there is little joy or warmth as such. Thought not usually a drinker I felt the need to take something else to bring some warmth/empathy/energy into the process so tried a whisky. Drank about ΒΌ of this but it seemed to pull me out of dissociative state and make me feel a bit sleepy so stopped drinking at that point. Still quite energised, feels better being outdoors walking than sitting indoors, but drug effects seem to be slipping away. Waiting to see whether 45mg redose will take effect.

    04:00 Feeling minor effects of the redose. People’s faces starting to break into molecules. Some familiar fun effects of dissociatives, e.g. managing to select songs on the jukebox while at the same time hovering in the outer regions of the Andromeda star system. It wasn’t a particularly fun experience though, l was mostly spacey, distant and not a lot of fun to be around.

    04:30 Really feeling that this drug needs an extra element. Had I had an empathogen/entactogen on me that might have been an idea... <idiot_alert> However as I had 35mg 5-MeO-DALT on me I dropped that. I’d definitely file this under “don’t try this at home” - definitely not a good idea for me to have added a psychedelic in at this stage </idiot_alert>

    05:00 5-MeO-DALT coming on big time.

    05:15 Everything dissipating. Couldn’t handle being enclosed. Went out walking, entered into some dark shadowy places I’ve been to before, but pulled back, and came out t’other side with help from the universe.

    06:30 Made it home. Took 3mg Etizolam. These work great, as with Diphenidine. Highly recommend you have some on hand, entered into the beautiful, Kubrick-like headspace for a couple of hours.

    13:00 Woke feeling bright and shiny. Big breakfast, took dog out for long walk. Nice one.
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