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    Plugging coke 
    Has anyone ever tried plugging coke? I have plugged other drugs like oxys but never cocaine. Does anyone know if I can experience a rush doing it this way as I will never put a needle in my arm (or anywhere else for that matter). I am also wondering if there are any long term repercussions to using it this way. I feel like the bio availability would be higher (than say snorting) as well as the rate of absorption. I used to smoke crack and I find that way to addictive so I won't touch the pipe no more. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Is plugging pretty new?

    I never heard of it till just recent. I have a pretty extensive drug history.

    nobody in the 90's ever said. Here man, stick this up you arse!!
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    I don't think it's as much of a new thing. I think it's just more common/accepted than it once was and people are starting to open up about it. From a scientific point of view it's a great way of doing things. If you can get passed the negative stigma it's not that bad.
    Anyways, anyone else????
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    There is a old drug adage out and about.
    If it doesn't work anymore eaten,
    Snort it. If it doesn't work anymore Snorted because you collapsed your nasal cavities...
    Shoot it...
    And if shooting it doesn't work anymore
    Fuck yourself up the ass with it.

    if you have dilapidated all your many holes
    to consume a substance and it doesn't work for you anymore

    perhaps it's time to quit.
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