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    Meth on Effexor 
    I bought a 20 bag of meth not long ago and blew it all, it didn't do nuttin to me, just made my eyes watery, didn't make me feel good at all, maybe a lil strung out. Could this be because I take an anti-depressant?

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    Effexor is an atypical anti-depressant that mainly effects serotonin and norepinephrine, and to some extent dopamine. It's probably why you didn't get your rocks off on the meth: it effects those neurotransmitters, primarily dopamine and norepinephrine. The good thing though is that Effexor is an extremely fast acting anti-depressant, which means that if you quit it, it is out of your body in about a week, sometimes less. So, the next time, remember to stop taking it if you plan on doing meth.

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    [quote]Originally posted by Brilliant_Frenzy:
    So, the next time, remember to stop taking it if you plan on doing meth.
    This is horseshit advice.

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    Agreed, stopping effexor "cold turkey" can lead to some nasty side effects.

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    Unless you are on a really high dose (300+ mg), Effexor should only mildly weaken the meth high.
    I think it is much more likely that you just got some shitty meth.
    And yeah, do NOT stop taking your Effexor suddenly for ANY reason...bad, bad withdrawal effects will follow!

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