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    what pills can you snort??? 
    don't know much about snorting pills, so what all prescription pills can you snort, and what all non-prescription pills can you snort???list as many as you can think of please!!!!
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    Drug basics.
    Putting pills up your nose is typically less effective than swallowing them. No it doesn't make you hardcore. The only pills people seem to think you should snort are demerol/meperidine since it's so weak orally. I'd opt to skip it. Oxycontin you can snort but it's rather pointless.

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    [quote]Originally posted by Ayrios:
    Drug basics.
    Oxycontin you can snort but it's rather pointless.

    I agree with the Drug Basics part .
    But I do not agree with the Oxycontin part. Snorting them is IMO soooo much better than taking them orally. Orally it takes longer to hit and it does not hit as hard. Yes it might last longer but it's not worth it IMO. Another bad thing about orally taking Oxy's is that they make my stomach sick everytime, when snorted they do not upset my stomach as much.

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    moving to drug basics

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