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    Phenibut and mu-agonist potentiation 
    I thought i should bring this up, as i don't seem to see it specifically addressed, and i feel like we should because someone could easily dose phenibut with heavy opiates and die. IME, phenibut potentiates kratom and regular mu receptor agonists by what feels(subjectively) to me like somewhere around 50%. Which is awesome, but also an important thing to know. This effect seems stronger than benzos, more like ghb and 3g of phenibut + 40mg oxy produces dangerous respiratory depression for me, doing it one night with dope and booze ended up in a narcan shot. Just sayin, be safe!
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    Yes I have experienced the potentiation first hand with kratom and it was absolutely amazing, too bad it only happened the first time I combined the two and have yet been able to re-create this effect. I can definately see an overdose in the case of a heroin addict shooting up their usual dose having taken phenibut prior.
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    Hey bro, good call on Phenibut. If I take it before I use opiates, the opiates feel a little weaker in my experience. However, I have taken it twice about 3 - 5 hours after I dose opiates, and both times I ended up nodding out uncontrollably. It was UNCONTROLLABLE. One minute I was reading something, next minute I would be nodded out, then back and I was confused on why it kept on happening. The second time I tried it, the same thing happened again, so it was cos of the Phenibut.

    Phenibut on its own feels weak, but it is doing something....combined with other downers, it becomes very powerful.
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    exactly, i feel like this needs more attention called to it because at higher doses of phenibut alone i've experienced worrisome respiratory issues - combined with 60mg of oxycodone i nearly had to be narcanned, and this as someone who REGULARLY ingests 60mg of oxycodone. I just think with this stuff SO cheap and available it needs to be strongly noted somewhere so someone doesn't make the same mistake with no tolerance!
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    It's definately a nice combo, I actually doubt the CNS depression is as bad as you'd assume from how fucked it makes you. That is too say i'm pretty convinced it's hella safer to combined with opiates than benzos, barbs, booze and probably GHB/GBL etc.

    That's not to say it doesn't increase CNS impression, or that your wrong to highlight the risk; because it does and your not.

    Never mixed it with kratom, and three years of morphine later it's too late which is a shame ):
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    my point is - it's not THAT bad, for someone with a three year morphine habit, then it's pretty rad, but think about someone with no tolerance who takes phenibut recreationally and decides to say... blow an eighty? pretty sure that could = death in a quick manner and make phenibut harder to obtain. if anything, vendors should offer some kind of warning about the interaction. think maybe a phenibut and ah-whatever that new opiate rc is order gone horribly wrong
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    I.once took 750 mg phenibut abs 7.5 mg hydrocodone abs thought I was going to have to go to er, couldn't breathe very well. Scary
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    Ya the first time I did Kratom + Phenibut it was the most extreme euphoria I had ever experienced and I ain't no drug noob. It stopped working like that after the first or second time combining them though. Too bad, I never knew the human nervous system was capable of producing such strong euphoria.
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    Quote Originally Posted by girlzer0 View Post
    I.once took 750 mg phenibut abs 7.5 mg hydrocodone abs thought I was going to have to go to er, couldn't breathe very well. Scary
    LOL. get out of here. that is a serving size, if that.. not that i'm encouraging high dosing but what you said above should be a walk in the park for anyone not any ER visit. LOL
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