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    Yes...i'm a junk box... 
    For almost a year now i have been addicted to Heroin..aka: Im a junk box. Life hasn't been all that easy living like this, but i have this horrible fear of "kickin'". I know i have to get clean, cause i have spent about $5,000 on it, and im pretty much broke now. If there is anyone out there who is in the same situaion as me...or is just a junkie also..please feel free to IM me on aol, or just email me. Im not sure if you can access my info *profile* on new to this let me know if you need my aol screen name...or my email.
    Anyways, I basically just wanna find other people who are into dope to talk hope to hear from someone soon!!! *Other drugs are fine too...heroin was/is preferred, thas all...*
    My pix are in my website...feel free to check it out!!!
    A Life Less Ordinary (my homepage)

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    dark side...bueller? bueller?

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    Huh? Im sorry...was my post more appropriate for "Dark Side" forum? prolly was. Im sorry!

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    I'm pretty much in the same situation as you...I'd be glad to talk to you sometime, but you didn't post your AIM screen name or anything, I tried to send you an e-mail through BL, but that doesn't always e-mail me at [email protected] so we can talk.

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    i am moving this to the dark side can find it there.

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