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    Seasoning your Titanium nail 
    Anyone heard of this?

    I guess theres a couple different ways of doing so but i'll use the method explained to me as my example. It involves torching your nail till its red hot, then dunking it in cold water. That process is repeated 5 or 6 times and then the nail is heated once more and about .2 of some oil is allowed to sizzle and sit on the nail. All of this is done in hopes of removing/preventing the built up layer of titanium oxide and possible titanium di-oxide.

    This article goes into nice depth about what Titanium oxide is and why it forms Doesn't talk about any of the potential health problems related to it though

    To me the whole concept of seasoning your nail seems silly and probably even counterproductive, but I'm still curious as to the possible dangers of titanium oxide and di-oxide.
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    man, read the article, it says NOT to season it literally at the end. as it speeds up OXIDIZATION
    "On a final note, “Water Seasoning” is the idea that you can season your titanium by heating it up and placing it under water. It is of my opinion that this doesn’t do anything to season the titanium but we do know it jump starts the oxidation process.

    If you have any questions you can always email me. taskrokathighlyeducatedtidotcom


    "Preventing oxidation or slowing the process can be achieved by applying heat uniformly and not taking the titanium to a glowing red. The moment you notice the titanium start to radiate even slightly it should be plenty hot."
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    Yea its seems that water seasoning is not the method to use, I like to heat my nail up red hot multiple times , maybe burn some reclaim on it, let the rainbow colors in the metal get worked out ( you will know what I'm talking about if you have a ti-nail). After a good 10-20 heating it is good to go for dabbing. Works good for me.
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