Thread: Is smoking oxycodone more harmful or addictive than snorting, eating or rectal?

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    Is smoking oxycodone more harmful or addictive than snorting, eating or rectal? 
    Is it more addictive or harmful in some way to smoke oxycodone rather than snort or eat it? I know the onset is faster. Does that mean it is somehow worse for your body and brain or more addictive? I know that the bioavailability is less but I am not as concerned with that as I am whether smoking it causes more harm or an equal amount of harm as other methods. I will base my decision on this information so I really appreciate it.
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    don't be mad that I get more butts than an ashtray.
    don't smoke pills.
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    I tried smoking a couple op20s with my buddy since you can't crush the OPs. The flavor of the smoke seemed VERY synthetic - much like the taste of a DOB/DOM/ 2ci nbombe tab. I was okay though - it just tasted like shit.
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    Got me rocked too. It Probably was not the best idea, and I haven't done it since
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    You are damaging your lungs farther than you can ever imagine. If you do not know how to properly extract the drug, pills are very dangerous to smoke.
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    Yes it's way more harmful and also way more pointless. You're getting a tiny percentage of actual oxy when you smoke it... the rest you are just completely destroying and wasting. In the process, you are inhaling all the incredibly bad shit the pills are filled with besides the active ingredient, which is what constitutes the vast majority of the pill.

    I don't know where this whole smoking pills craze came from.. but it is ridiculous and makes zero sense.
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    Smoking pills, what an incredibly damaging and wasteful roa. Worst roa. Plugging will give you a better rush because you'll actual get more than 10% of the drug in you're system and you won't destroy your lungs. Kids these days...
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