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    I don't recommend using over 300mg, as I just did this and as great as it feels, it gets dragged out wayyyyyy too long. Even now, over 48 hours later I feel weird as fuck lol. I just posted a trip report if you want to check that'll explain why 300mg was taken, I swear I'm not dumb lol

    heres the link to the TR if you're interested.
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    Thank you for sharing the TR! 300mgs seems to be quite intense indeed, judging from your experience. So it appears from another 300mg-range TR posted on erowid, as well. Personally I don't feel like going over 220mgs, huh; 200 was already on the verge of being excessive IMO.
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    Just placed an order for 2x pellets bk-2c-b (110 mg each). I was thinking of throwing them both in the trash, but then again I wonder if my trash bin would be able to handle 220 mg of said substance. Anyway, my question is do you believe etizolam to be an effective way to kill the experience, should it get out of hand/too long? I am a little bit worried about vasoconstriction, can anyone elaborate?
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    Just don't sit down the entire time you're on it, because it can fuck you up down there with hemorrhoids...Remember to stay hydrated because I noticed I didn't get any dry mouth for some reason, and so I kept water near me at all times.
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    Vasoconstriction is to be considered, however it is nothing compared to nearly bluish extremities caused by ergolines (LSA etc), in my experience. You will freeze, though, so consider having plenty of nice steaming tea, warm fatty food, and a woolen blanket for extra cosyness.
    Metoclopramide will aid in removing GI issues and any second degeneration over-the-counter antihistamine (Claritine, Zyrtec, etc.)can be used to counteract the bothersome increased mucus production. AFAIK, etizolam, being a BZP, will kill the anxiety, but not the trip itself, since it does not directly affect 5HT receptors. For the trip to be aborted some heavier artillery will be required, in my experience. Classical antipsychotics such as haloperidol and chlorpromazine, which block the shit out of all receptors, will work, but personally I would limit their use to emergency freakout-level bad trips due to a bunch of non-desirable effects.
    In other words, I would not advocate taking 220mgs if you are not in for a day-long trip. It being -20 degrees Celsius now where I reside, a warm comfortable apartment is a must, too, in my situation...
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    Yeah, can we all just avoid 300mg doses of brand new psychedelics please!?!
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    We better do. However, it is somehow comforting to know that at least two people took 300mg without dire immediate consequences.
    In a sense, awareness of this fact will probably reassure someone who ingests 200mg and then goes on "oh man I took too much, too much".
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    Tried it again yesterday at 220mgs with another person. Effects were exactly as described in my previous report on 200mg, yet somehow milder; this could be attributed to having fasted for 3 hours, not 6, beforehand. Overall quite enjoyable experience; going to cinema was great, and philosophical discussions that followed even more so. My friend experienced the same effects of a similar intensity as me, though her interpretation and evaluation of the trip will most likely differ from mine to a considerable extent based on personal background; perhaps she will post a write-up of her own.
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    Thank you graciously for all your wonderful information and experiences. My last remaining question is directed towards those of you who have had the chance to try out multiple substances which produce the phenomena, we so proudly have dubbed 'psychedelia'.

    How would this molecule fair in terms of visual enchantments, distortions, pattering, super-imposement(dunno if a word) of images, geometry, tracers, etc. compared to more classic serotogenic hallucinogens? As I have concluded from reading all the scarcely available trip reports I could find, there is a certain lack of "depth" that can be expected, with very little to no ego-loss. Higher doses obviously tend to exaggerate any effects (both positive and negative). The question is can this substance produce any worthwhile effects (at higher doses) without making the stimulatory effects too difficult to handle?

    Consider that I am asking this knowing that 5g dried cubes do very little for me (5'11 , 220 lbs, male, +++ tops), and so do a gram of your garden variety street speed. How far do you think one should push this substance? 100 mg dose sound very underwhelming (at least from the stuff I've read). 220 seems like the sweet spot for the majority of experienced researchers (again, very little information available). Is 300 really an overkill? I have only 220 in my possession, but i am still curious how this one will handle if given some pressure. For me it is kind of a big deal if i don't reach ++, +++ is what I am aiming for, and ++++ (without any severe side effects if possible) is what i desire the most.

    I am thinking of throwing some 30mg aMT I have left into the mix, if just used as a MAOI. I also have some "good" synthetic 'noids and a ton of benzo's (if etizolam can be called a 'benzo"), so anxiety and over-stimulation shouldn't be an issue.
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    Well, it is definitely not lacking "depth". The psychedelic headspace is there, as is pronounced empathy and feelings of utter joy, typical of, presumably, MDMA (have never tried, but since 2C-B is often said to be a cross between LSD and MDMA, this might make sense). I had not problems with overstimulation at all, sitting on the sofa and chatting was absolutely fine - no jitters/jaw tension etc (these were only pronounced during the comeup stage, i.e. for the first 2-3 hours). However, my friend was experiencing the effects of 220mgs for 24+ hours, as had other people in this thread. I, on the other hand, felt asleep easily without benzos at T+12:00 despite still prominent patterning on the walls; sleep was absolutely fine. So it appears that the duration of this substance at higher dosage is quite unpredictable and is a subject to vast interpersonal variation. As for the adverse effects, metoclopramide and claritine taken together with 220 mgs of the drug made the whole trip basically side-effects free. Also I found out that drinking the coffee during the trip results in no headache afterwards (the morning after).
    Have not tried aMT yet (had acquired many months ago but still haven't gotten the courage to sample it), but from what I've read, it can be quite nasty and unpredictable on its own in terms of side-effects (especially concerning cardiovascular instability and nausea), so I would not recommend mixing it with bk-2C-B. Again, only my speculation, not speaking from personal experience, but I would rather not do it.
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    It seems that this compound had left me wondering whether or not I should go for the big 300mg. Tried it at 220mg, and although interesting at first, I found it quite boring compared other psychedelics with this sort of entactogenic nature. Now I am not saying that bk-2c-b is not fun and enjoyable, but I would really like to see this one at its full effects. A hefty gram is coming next week; thinking of bombing about 300-330 and see where the evening takes me. I will write a detailed trip report at this dosage as well; thinking that the previous one had nothing worth while to offer readers: (this is it in a nutshell ---> Did not have trouble with side effects; visuals better than LSA, but milder than 3g cubes; no bodyload WHATSOEVER; sense of wonder/happiness/excitement; some CEV, but nothing like shrooms; feeling it well into the next day;

    P.S Had a lot of 5f-akb8 (pure powder, vaped), thinking of not doing that next time, for it might diminish the effects?
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    On the contrary, cannabinoids tend to enhance the effects of each and every classical psychedelic for me. More so, amplification of the trip is actually the only purpose I use them for. So I highly doubt that they can diminish the effects of bk-2-c-b, but again to each their own.
    Btw, 300mg for a dose really comes down to be quite pricey...perhaps you might turn your attention to other substances which might provide similar effects for less of a buck, given that you have such a low sensitivity to this particular chemical?
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    At 110mg orally taken. One of the most beautiful experiences in the world. With cocaine as well. A peace of my mind in a trip.
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    My First trip at a total of about 200mgs spaced out in capsules turned into a beautiful experiences. The first few hours were very chatty and ecstasy like. I was waiting for the psychedelic effects to come on which took a full 3-4 hours but were intense similiar to lsd. I tried to repeat the experience a few days later which was a bad idea. Your body def needs time in between trips. I'd say at least a few weeks. Luckily it was a holiday weekend and I've slept more than ever. No depresssion though just tired a shit. DLPA, L tyrosine, and 5htp have been taken. Even drinking during the whole trip I still was majorly dehydrated and downed tons of water. No headache whatsover for me. I'm just worried the amount of damage this does considering the ecstasy like effects the first few hours.
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    Here's my trip report for 300mg's

    I reccommend 200 for anyone who wants a psychedelic feel. 100 is good for stimulation but not really psychedlic.

    300 if you want your body to reject you but have a full psychedlic experience. I reccommend 200! Nice substance but NOWHERE near as beautiful as 2c-b. Not even close.
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    Yeah, when I did It, it felt like all stim, no psych, but I only did 100mgs.
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