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    speed/meth - IV 
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    i have a little baggie with a point of speed/meth that i found, left over from new years last year. what is inside are some very very fine crystals which are see through with a browny/beigey tinge.
    this stuff was sold to me as "speed", but i've been told that 99% of what's sold in australia as 'speed' is actually meth.
    i'm looking to IV this, because i only have a point (100mg), and i'd like to get the most out of it. my question is two fold: how much of it should i take, and, because i want to IV it, is the browny/beigey colour an issue? obviously this means it's not completely pure, and if i'm shooting it straight into my bloodstream, i don't want anything that's goign to fuck me up..
    thanks guys

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    Was this baggy of speed exposed to rust from an old razor blade? If so, I'd not shoot the brown stuff. As far as I know, if the baggy was sealed and protected from other elements like moisture and rust, ect. then it should be alright.
    In the good old USA the crystals you spoke of are usually like you said meth or glass. Usually good quality shit. I have however on several occasions had brown shit and that kicked my ass to heaven and back.
    Are you saying you've never slammed it? If that's the case then I hope you have at least gotten your money's worth snorting it a long time first. Once you slam it, then snorting is never the same again. Your're tolerance skyrockets.
    A word to the wise. Get your money's worth, get more cluck for your buck snorting first. Otherwise it gets expensive fast and also you need larger amounts to deplete from your baggy, whereas a line or 2 of good meth will get you happy.
    If you've never slammed, I suggest you start with an 1/8 gram. You CAN go ahead and put 1/4 g in the spoon, mix with water, liquify, add cotton, and suck it all up in the rig. Once you tie and your point registers, undo your tie careful not to move rig.
    I usually have to reregister to be sure the point is still in. If you happen to be a man, hitting is almost always easier. Once you register, I'd only give yourself half the contents, that way it won't be too much for you if you get knocked on your ass. After a few seconds, you can decide to empty or not to empty the rig.

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    An EIGTH of a gram????!??! Unless you have a very substantial meth/amphetamine tolerance, such a dose would be huge and likely to result in some unpleasant effects.
    Regardless, you don't have that much anyway. I suggest you start at 60-75 mg, so about 2/3-3/4 of that point you have.
    Personally, from the description you gave, I think that meth sounds clean enough to inject. Of course, you should filter it first (if you have a microfilter all the better, if not cotton will at least do some good), and use nice sterile saline and new sterile needles.
    Oh, and make sure you hit the vein and don't accidently shoot the meth outside -- b/c any impurities in the drug will take longer to be cleared from that tissue than from your bloodstream.

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    yeah, dont shoot a 1/8th, and definatly not a damn 1/4. jesus.
    if you shoot that dope, you better be a DAMN strong person, because your gonna wanna shoot it again.. and again... and again.

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