Thread: Smoking with a broken pipe-worth it?

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    Smoking with a broken pipe-worth it? 
    What do you do when you have ONE meth pipe(bulb at the end), no way to get another one for several weeks, and the area where the carb on top of the bulb was is now a gaping hole. Do you still roll it in the area of the glass that isnt broken? or is this wasting anything. I also was wondering if it would burn it more easily. Thanks

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    I am in now way an experienced meth smoker, but when my pipe breaks (any pipe) I can always resort to...
    Tin foil and a socket wrench.
    Create a tinfoil bowl, find a long, open end socket (kind for socket wrenches). Insert bowl into one end, pokes very fine holes in it, insert material, light and suck.
    I've used it for weed, glass, and at one point someone else used it to smoke a fat rock of crack (thanx you dirty asshole).
    If you doubt your pipe, this may work for you, it does for me anyway. It is in no way as handy as a steamroller, but it gets the job done.

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    [quote] and at one point someone else used it to smoke a fat rock of crack (thanx you dirty asshole).
    You smoke meth and think smoking crack is dirty?? You are the asshole.

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    Not everyone likes all drugs, I know if someone smoked weed out of my crack pipe I would be pissed off as well. He wasn't calling everyone that smokes crack a dirty asshole either, prolly just his friend on BL.

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    Did it get that nasty char stuff all over your pipe. The bulb is only made of tinfoil making a new one can't have been that big a deal.

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