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    Some Q's about smoking crack (meth too) 
    Smoking crack doesn't seem to be a big topic on this board and finally giving it a final big go I can see why unless there is something I am really missing.
    Primary effects were stimulated heart rate, numbing of toungue and mouth and the unreasoning desire to keep smoking till the bitter end. Little euphoria, most of the high (well still a little high) was taken up smoking more crack. Tho it was less paranoiac than meth.
    Anyway a couple of practical questions that apply to the smoking of crack and meth too. I use a plain glass tube with screens shoved 2/3 of the way down to hold my crack/meth and then heat the glass tube with a candle. (I personally think this is preferable to the standard pipe with the bowl on the end as the heated vapor rises up the tube without escaping the other end as this end is kept lower than the smoking end).
    1) Should I be using a hotter flame to smoke meth or crack? Is there a danger of ruining the drug with too much heat?
    2) Naturally it takes a little while from applying the flame to the production of the vapor. Should I wait and let the vapor partially fill the tube (I don't see any leak out the bottom) or should I suck the entire time to avoid overheating or similar problems?
    3) Smoking crack I sometimes have a crackle snapping sound. Kinda like pop rocks. Is this due to impurities in the crack? What exactly causes this?
    4) Is it common to cut crack with things which also vaporize? Would these agents also numb, i.e. given I got numbing throughout the smoke of mouth/tongue about half of an extremely strong IV coke dose is it far to say I was smoking a reasonable (or more) quantity?
    Finally does anyone on here really like smoking crack? Is it a social thing for you. I love coke, not so sure about IV coke so far its been a little too intense but crack seems extremely addictive with little euphoria.
    Unless convincing new evidence arises I think I will end my experimentation with this form of intake. Risking addiction and spending money for little euphoria seems dumb.

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    Crack is way too expensive for what you get out of it.
    The cracking sound you hear is normal (hence the name crack). I have a friend who used to watch his friends cook crack, and he didn't mention anything about it being cut. More than likely it's the coke that is used that has the impurities.
    I've smoked it several times, but never gone on binges. I never felt remotely addicted.
    I do LOVE smoking crack with weed though. It's a pretty common practice around here.

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    Ok, right off the bat, let it be stated, crack fucking sucks, no one COOL smokes crack, only ghetto crackheads and rich yuppie white kids with money to waste trying to feel cool smoke crack. Oh yeah, and crackwhores, them too...
    Having said that, your issues lies within several key factors. I believe I replied to a previous post of yours pertaining to smoking meth, you need to referance that again...
    (Also, learning to smoke meth and crack properly takes a bit of practice, it's not at all like smoking pot or cigarettes, they require more exact technique when applying the flame, and while inhaling the smoke. You must inhale very slowly and steady in order to get a "real" hit when smoking them
    Honestly, it's such a bitch to finally master it's like a fucking Rubix Cube or something...
    But, unless you become adept with the aforementioned technique, you are only getting minimal quantity hits at best, and thus, the lack of euphoria, your dissapointment etc etc...
    Smoking meth and smoking crack are 2 completley different things.
    And if you are attempting to do both with the same technique and conditions, and the SAME pipe. you're not going to efficently be able to smoke either and you are just being stupid.
    First of all, I REPEAT, each drug has it's own designated pipe to smoke with. You do NOT smoke meth with the standard straight glass tube (aka Rose Stem). COnversley, you do NOT smoke crack with a meth pipe (the glass bubble pipe).
    Here is why...
    Meth, when smoked needs to basically reach the temperature at which it begins to vaporize, and then be kept at that temperature steadily without any increase in heat.
    So, YES, there is a definite danger of ruining either drug with too much heat.
    You CANNOT apply direct flame at any time to the meth. These conditions CANNOT be met with a straight glass tube for a number of reasons. First, the flame when using a standard glass tube enters the tube itself, thus creating a very high temperature, and, of course putting direct flame to the meth. This is too hot a temperature to smoke with and thus, it burns up the meth resulting in a foul tasting smoke, and a lot of wasted product.
    Now, if meth is smoked PROPERLY, through the bubble pipe, the flame CANNOT directly touch the meth at any point, thus limiting the temperature of the heat to an extent, and properly vaporizing the drug, without overheating it and burning the drugs up, IF done properly.
    Now on to crack...
    With crack, the rose stem pipe must ONLY be used. Also, a screen, is an inferior filter when compared to the standard brillo pad. A screen is to essentially thick a fliter, which greatly diminishes your ability to inhale the substance through the tube efficently enough to get a good sized hit. Brillo allows for much more air to pass through the tube and tends to contain the melted crack within itself, for later use...
    Now, with crack, you need to gently apply a DIRECT flame to the product, intermittently. Inhale VERY slowly and steady and gradually burn the rock away. Too much flame/heat and you burn it up to quickly, wasting product, and causing the crackling of which you speak.
    These are the basics to it all...
    Don't be discouraged when trying to learn, it takes a LOT of time to actually get the smoking technique down, but once you do, you're set. Personally it's such a fucking hassle to smoke either drug that I fucking refuse to do them that way.
    Honestly when doing drugs gets to the point where it actually requires real work and effort, it's generally not worth doing...

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    brainrape is right..... your smoking it wrong.... you dont vaporize crack..... you have to apply a direct flame to the rock.... blow out all the air in your lungs and have a big rock loaded into the crack pipe..... then put the flame on it and start sucking REALLY SLOW.... then gradually start sucking faster, and faster untill your hitting the pipe as hard as you can.... crackling noises are a GOOD thing.... thats why its called CRACK. youll know you did it right when you put the pipe down and this anooying warmth comes over you. have fun for the next minute or so then the effects wear off and you have to do more. its pretty much a waste of time, crack really does SUCK. i still smoke it all the time tho, hehe, its fun but coke is so much better. just stick with coke its the same feeling except it lasts longer and coke doesnt make you pheen so bad you dont even enjoy the high

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    Wow, Brainrape described the hassles of smoking so well, as well as the ideal pipes - we didn't have such a wonderful choice where I lived. However, I would
    disagree (personal preference only) about the direct flame for crack... See 2.
    1. That sounds very sensible. Never tried that myself - in addition all
    my glass pipes broke within 1 hour, usually cos I sat on them. I used to
    use a steel pipe with duct tape around the end (not recommended, leads to
    many many disgusting lip burns), with the filter shit (as a filter, we
    used to used to use copper wiring, burnt out first with a lighter, mushed
    into a tightish ball) right at the end. I also liked candles cos with a lighter I used to suck half the lighter fumes in as well... Whatever pipe you use, remember to scrape all the leftovers out regularly and resmoke - hey, you want to be a crackhead, you've got to smoke the leftovers.
    2. This seems to be a personal choice, and a hotly debated issue among
    crackheads. I think the direct versus indirect flame is personal
    preference. Personally, I'd burn the rock a little till it got mushy, at
    no stage applying the flame directly. Holding the lighter below but not touching the rock, take a breath, exhale, and then suck in slow, slow, slow, and steady till my lungs were full, hold, and exhale... Keep eyes closed.
    Yes, I really did smoke crack, on a daily and then an hourly and then a 20 minute schedule. Was it social? Well, it started out that way - like the first 2/3 times. After that the desire to have it all to myself hit in. There were very few people who smoked where I lived, and we were all friends. We'd meet up, see what we had (which always involved large lies - I've got 2 rocks to share, and another 2 that I'm not a fuck going to tell you about), sit around and smoke and get all picky about who was getting the bigger section of the rock, all say goodnight, and run home as fast as we could to smoke our other rocks all to ourselves. On ridiculous occasions once our personal stash was finished we'd then all run into each other at the dealer, and the same thing would happen
    again... So social? 50%, but you always keep your other 50% all for yourself.
    Crack less paranoic than meth? Just wait, just wait. The paranoia just takes a while to kick in... It once took me 40 minutes to take a hit cos I kept hearing noises and having to sneak up to my window and crack the curtain open to make sure the cops weren't sneaking around in the bushes outside. I personally have NEVER had that kind of paranoia from meth. I think they give a different kind of paranoia?
    "The unreasoning desire to keep smoking till the bitter end." Yeah, that'll stay with you always.. "Little euphoria" - once you work out the best way to smoke, inhaling slowly, blah, blah, blah, you'll hit incredible euphoria. However, I only experienced extended true euphoria once (for a grand total of 15 minutes) smoking on my own, with excellent music (Dead can Dance), and once at the dealer's house, where my head literally lifted off and floated around the room for a good 10 minutes.
    Smoking meth: I always smoked off tinfoil, or in a lightbulb, pipe you'll just waste your meth. Again, no direct flame, inhale SLOOOWWW and steady.
    Personally, I would say don't waste your time with crack. The person a serious addiction will turn you into is not very nice. It's a stupid, no-brainer drug with no good effects other than the rush. If you manage to get an awesome, incredible rush once, STOP. You can spend years of your life chasing it again, and you'll never find it.
    Brainrape: middle class white chicks who really like snorting coke try it too and the rush is so good they keep on doing it... until they look like trash... In my country, snorting was kewl, crack was looked down as something really dirty and low class. Can't imagine anyone doing it to be cool.
    Whaaa, nearly forgot, when you get into smoking crack regularly, wait for the trainspotting to start. That's when you know you're in a little too far...

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    Pipe down Tina.

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    See, THIS is the type of threads we need here... lots of great responses...
    Also, you CAN smoke meth with a direct flame- the problem is that it takesa a LOT, the smoke tastes like a gay peurto ricans asshole - but a good size chunk inm a crack pipe WILL get you stoned!

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    [quote]Originally posted by quale:
    3) Smoking crack I sometimes have a crackle snapping sound. Kinda like pop rocks. Is this due to impurities in the crack? What exactly causes this?
    I'm pretty sure the crackling sound is from left over baking soda used to make the crack. I don't think you get the crackling sound if you 1) wash the product to remove the baking soda 2) make your crack using the ammonia method.

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    many people say use the biggest flame possible for smoking crack<why the fuck would you do that. i see it as being stupid as fuck because that means youll burn more crack than you smoke. i just use a regular old Bic for smoking anything. they last long and the flame works. so dont listen to people when they say "use big flames"

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    "Lying on the stained wretched sheets with a bleeding virgin, we could plan a murder, or start a religion..."
    Interesting quote, Brainrape, where's it from?

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    you have to admit the taste of crack is great!! i get very stimulated from it as well,it takes a-while for the crack to produce doesnt burn it more or less melts,but all have used is a can to smoke.
    but i have never gottin NUMB from crack impureities dont make ya numb though....dunno what else to say

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    Well putting the crack directly into the flame rather than trying to vaporize definatly worked.
    But no you CAN definatly smoke meth out of a long glass pipe. Just put your screens or whatever in the middle heat the pipe below the meth and suck. You are doing the same thing as a meth pipe except there is no hole right above the vaporizing meth.
    Flame me all you want but this fucking works!
    Also I don't know what kind of screens your using but when I buy pot screens the holes are big enough my primary concern is shit will fall through.
    My guess is the difference is b/c crack has a higher vaporization point. If I had been using a torch lighter the first way probably would have worked.
    [ 28 August 2002: Message edited by: quale ]

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    quale: with ingenuity, its possible to use just about ANYTHING as your medium to get high--that doesnt mean its the correct way
    i'm sure it works to use a rose stem to smoke meth, but the bubble pipe IS the correct pipe to be using. if you insist on using the rose stem, well then thats your deal, but make sure you're using TWO DIFFERENT stems for when you smoke each drug, as to not mix the crack residue with the meth...
    1) you deffinately need a hotter flame to smoke crack... meth vaporizes pretty quickly when there is no direct contact and crack takes a little more. when i used to smoke crack sometimes, i never applied a *direct* flame when i smoked alone, but my friends always did that.
    2) apply the flame for a second, start sucking SLOOOOW, then when the vapor gradually fills the tube suck a little faster and harder *but steadily so* (i used to exhale thru the corner of my mouth and then inhale again real quick so that my lungs were fresh for my hit ::shruggs:: but thats probably b/c i smoke ciggarettes and have no lung capacity for a decent hit).
    3) ::snap crackle pop:: its a good thing although, when smoking real freebase (not crack... and dont tell me their the same damn thing b/c i've cooked up both myself, and they're NOT the same damn thing) i didnt hear any of this... i'm sure its attributed to the baking soda.
    4) I too believe that its the coke which is cut, not the crack... If the dealer wants to cook up some "short" rocks, he'll just make sure you've got a little more baking soda in there than you're supposed to, he's not going to add something different all together. Coke is always cut, so its not pure, however i believe a lot of that is burned off when you cook up your crack? (or no? i could be mistaken... to me that just makes sense).
    I used to really like smoking crack, it tastes like candy and feels pretty good... i have successfully gotten some euphoria off of it on several occasions. At first it was a curiosity thing, I cooked some up for myself a few times (till I got the process down) with coke I bought... I was alone and I just wanted to know what it was like. Then, it became a social thing, I have some friends in certain circles that smoke, and I'd do it with them on occassion. I have a really good friend that would sell crack, but he would never sell it to me--hed only smoke with me sometimes. It isnt a habit worth continuing...its really not that good, ends up costing lots of money, and also left me (not unlike schmangle) peeping out windows and whatnot from paranoia...the type of paranoia i've only experienced on the FOURTH DAY of a meth binge.

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