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    4F-PVP: Not too shabby 
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    Substance: 4F-PVP

    Consistency: White clingy powder, fine with some clumps

    Background: I’ve done more substances than I really care to mention, though my drug experience is just shy of 4 years. I’m a man of stimulants, I like being up and with energy. I'm also a lover of MDMA. Height: 5’8” Weight: 135lbs

    ROA: Insufflated. 20mg doses.

    8:00 - Take an allergy test of 1mg nasally. I think there's a slight numbing effect? I feel like it might be numbing the inside of my nose a little bit but it feels quite subtle. Heart rate now is at 100 bpm

    8:37 – No reaction to allergy test it seems. Preparing a 15mg dose to insufflate.

    8:44 – I insufflate the 15mg line. Some slight burning that’s pretty unpleasant but not as terrible as some good bk-MDMA (hah, like that’s any real good). Initial effects are already coming on quite nicely. Uplifting, almost feels a bit like cocaine, I feel like a champion right now. Listening to some heavy dubstep right now, feeling pretty pumped up haha. It’s been 4 minutes and the burning sensation is lingering. I’m gonna put some water up my nose. At this moment I feel like this is decently close to MDPV, although it’s been near 2 years since I’ve done MDPV and I had smoked it off foil along with popping quite a lot of MDMA.

    9:02 – I feel like I need to make a bowel movement. Usually a telltale sign of good drugs to me. I don’t know why it happens but it just does haha. Experiencing some slight cottonmouth. Slight increase in body temp. Heart rate sits at 110bpm

    9:32 – The urge to redose is present, but I’m abstaining til AT LEAST one hour from the initial dose. It’s proving to be a slightly difficult task, but I must train myself to have more self control. I’m usually quite good at resistance but right now my skill is being a little tested.

    9:48 – Oh man, just looked at the clock while doing some arbitrary nonsense on the computer and it looks like it’s time to redose! Preparing a heightened dose, trying 20mg.

    9:56 – I administered 20mg nasally, feelin’ pretty fine right now. Oh man, feeling GREAT actually. Heart rate is raised to 130 bpm. I think 20mg may have been the sweet spot for me but I’m gonna be careful with this. I don’t want my heart rate to be in time with drum n’ bass anytime soon. I’m flying though, this is pretty good compared to MDPV, but again, much time has been passed since those days. I feel pretty euphoric though and my mood is quite lifted. I’m experiencing the lightest of bruxism. Just feel like moving my jaw, no clenching or anything.

    10:45 – I still feel quite elevated right now. No urge to redose surprisingly. The euphoria is still making quite a presence. My heart rate has dropped to 120 bpm. I’m also surprised at how not restless I am. I’ve literally been sitting here for the entire duration of this experience, save the one trip to fill my water bottle and use the bathroom.

    11:11 – Administered another 20mg nasally. I honestly didn’t even want to redose all that badly. I thought to myself, “Do I really want it that badly? Not really, but I’m pretty bored so I’m gonna.” This stuff has got a feeling and experience much akin to decent cocaine. It’s euphoric, it makes my mood very positive, I don’t even have to redose every half hour like how I would with low quality cocaine. It’s honestly a little tweaky as I’ve been experiencing some very subtle twitching, but other than that, it’s pretty similar to cocaine. My cottonmouth is barely noticeable and my body feels fine for the most part. My fingers and toes are slightly cold so I sense some mild vasoconstriction. Heart rate is at 120 bpm.

    12:00 – I will try to go to bed at this time. This is where I end my live report.

    After I stopped reporting, I started to notice I was getting pretty hungry. As in, I was ready to go make a breakfast of eggs and toast and eat the entire thing. I found that quite interesting. I tried to go to bed, but without any benzos of any sort, it was impossible. The mental stimulation outlasted the body stimulation by what felt like a lifetime. I couldn’t sleep worth a damn. I refrained from redosing until about 2:00. I was just so freaking bored and couldn’t fall into deep sleep due to the hunger and lingering stimulation that I thought, “to hell with it.” I administered 20mg nasally again and again around every hour until around 4:00. I finally decided I was tired of this. I stopped redosing for a while and just stayed up browsing the internet on my phone. I felt pretty cruddy during that time, but honestly it was not nearly as bad as the comedown from MDPV. It was bearable and I didn’t feel any depression or negative vibes of any sort. I was just so hungry and so awake. Finally around 6:50 I went and ate a nectarine and that definitely helped me out. I didn’t want to cook up a meal because I was feeling a little on edge and was afraid I would seem “off” to anyone in my household. I went back to my bed and tried to rest, but to no avail. I felt like I was getting close to deep sleep but I never achieved it. I still continued to rest my eyes. Now the time is 11:30. I’ve “woken up” and eaten a bowl of cereal and taken a shower. Housemates don’t seem to notice anything off about me so that’s good. I feel quite lucid, no shadowy figures or any signs of psychosis. I actually feel almost rested. I also feel a little bit wobbly but it doesn’t appear I am so. I’ve dosed another 20mg nasally, feeling lifted and productive.

    Overall I think this chemical is pretty good actually. It was much easier for me to manage the compulsive redosing with this rather than MDPV. I felt a good amount of euphoria but the stimulation lasted way too long. If you plan on doing this, I recommend having some benzodiazapenes at hand for when you want to go to bed.

    UPDATE: 9/23/2013
    I decided to use this chemical again. This Time around it was much more manageable, compulsive redosing grew old and boring after about 5 hours. I even got a bit of sleep, although the lingering head stimulation kept me up for quite a while still. It seems that this chemical has some diuretic properties. During this test and the test before I had to take numerous breaks to urinate, similar to how I would with caffeine. In neither trials have I experienced any psychosis or hallucinations of any sort. I have a full appetite like last test trial so it is apparent that this chemical gives the user no appetite suppression. No pupil dilation present in both trials.

    I have to say, I'm really impressed by this chemical. I think I prefer this to MDPV even, but that's just me. The whole no psychosis and extreme fiending characteristics of this chem is quite appealing. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a nice dopamine high that's functional, has little comedown, doesn't induce psychosis and still allows you to eat.
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