Thread: Xanax withdrawal and bad bloating aka Benzo Belly...what can I do?

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    Xanax withdrawal and bad bloating aka Benzo Belly...what can I do? 
    I am on a Xanax taper after 3 years of use at 1mg per day once a day. I was fine all the way down to .5mg one day and .25mg the next. I even slept 6-7 hours a night still. I am now at about a week on .25mg per night. All week I have had THE WORST bloating. I mean I gag and have even vomited once it was so bad. Normally it is just after I eat like my food is not digesting fast enough but this morning I have not ate anything and feel it already. It feels like my stomach is gonna explode and if I eat and like I can burp up my food. I have GERD also, but this has to be from the withdrawal. I drank a few drinks this past weekend and noticed that the days following that were the only 2 days in the past 9 or so that I did not feel this awful bloating.

    Is there anything other than probiotics, gas-ex, and someone said coconut water helped that can relieve this WD symptom? Obviously small meals, no fried shit, no dairy, not carbs, etc....but this is ridiculous. The worst part is I am starving, but I know I will feel worse after I eat. Any input is appreciated!
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    indigestion tablets or maybe immodium/ Loperamide ? Just guessing dont really know. I get the impression you are in the USA, from "gas-ex" its nothing we have in the UK, but if you were in the uk id just suggest making an appointment with your GP, but i know things are different in the USA......

    Ginger is meant to be a very good natural remedy for stomach troubles. Try adding gratings of fresh ginger to your meals or drinks or just swallow little chunks of it. It costs about 30p in the UK for a big fresh ginger root. Gotta be worth a try.
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    Thanks. Yes, in the USA. I have tried Lope...not helping. Gas-Ex is brand name for Simethicone. I got extra strength...not helping much. I guess I will look for some good digestive enzymes and maybe go grab a ginger root. Ginger is usually good for upset stomach, but not sure about trapped gas/bloating/slowed digestion. This shit sucks man.
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    Ginger root is an excellent suggestion. Valerian Root will help with the withdrawals a bit if you need some aid.
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    If your nausea is acute, grate or thinly slice the ginger into a cupful or so of water and simmer for a few minutes. Strain, add honey and/or a squirt of fresh lime juice to taste if desired, and drink the tea. This is my preferred method when even reading the word "chunk" prompts a frightening lurch in the midsection.
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