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    mdma one week apart 
    hey ya'll. new to this site so i'd appreicate some advice! i rolled a week ago and am planning on rolling tomorrow. i'm wondering if my roll will be any less intense? i'm gonna take more than i took last week, as i only took a small amount last week. prior to last week i hadnt rolled in 4 months. and the molly i get is awesome and very clean, i never get bad comedowns or depression or any of that.. i always feel fine the next day. so yeah if anyone has any insight as to whether or not i'll have a good roll tomorrow please let me know!!
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    You will most likely notice a difference. I would suggest you wait if you want to have a better roll but in the end it's up to you.

    If you do decide to roll don't make a habit of doing it more than once a month.

    EDIT: And you may notice a worsened comedown.
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    I've done it, and it was exactly the same in every regard from the same dose. Just respect MDMA and don't continue to take it weekly.
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    Depending on your tolerance you can roll just fine. And if you are new to mdma and have not had any bad comedowns you will probably feel fine besides being a bit more tired and worn out...

    Try not to redose if you can and take a slightly higher dose than last week and have fun!
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    It really all depends, honestly, everyone is different. Some people find they have a built up tolerance and other people find it works just the same. As others have said, you may find your comedown a little rougher this time and you might want to be cautious of redosing.

    Have fun! and just to reiterate what others have already said, defs don't make a habit of dropping M so close together. I would generally try to space them, at the very least, 1 month apart but preferably longer... MDMA is incredible but it's something to be respected because it can also kick your ass if you aren't careful.
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