Thread: What drug should I substitute with from now on? HELP

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    What drug should I substitute with from now on? HELP 
    Hey guys. I'm 20 years old. I achieved my first altered state at 13. Went to many rehabs since 17, and 6 months ago my father died. His last words were "it has to stop" Now. I've traveled from north to south since then. I've lived in South florida, and Asheville, NC (The hippie & psychadellics filled town.) Furthermore, I'm back In new jersey. about 12 miles from Atlantic City. (Horrible). I've been a bonafide stoner since 13. I love weed. Probation is an issue for two possetions of heroin. From 14 and a half to age 16 I was wrecklessly smoking weed, drinking, snorting amphetamines (mainly adderall) and I took my first few hits of powder and crack) Then, I went to a rehab for a year, because I was facing time in juvenille prison for knocking my (rip) Father's front teeth out when on drugs.) After the rehab, I went straight to heroin, crack, and weed. Picked up the needle, and now 3 years and more rehabs later, I'm back on. Currently I'm speaking to you under the influence of two bags of east coast powder, my perscribed seroquil, vistaril, neurontin, and a tiny hit of crack. I'm sick of this shit. I want to make my mother proud. I've never had a job on the books, and Yeah....It's sad, with my father suffering and all and me stealing nearly all of his pain medications, from endocets, to fetanyl patches and tapping his delaudid pump when he was sleeping. Now, I don't really get dope sick, maybe I've become immune from being used to feeling it so much. I was in Asheville, NC recently to stay in a halfway house. I'm thinking of substituting to Kratom powder and damiana leaf. I'll be honest. I'm not ready to stop achieving altered states, I'm only 20. Even with my father's last words. I have an EXTREMELY addicting personality for a 20 year old. I've already caught hepatits c, and suffered severe social and domestic consequences to the point where I have no friends and nobody wants to be around me. Help guys. Suggest some substances I can grab on a website. Please.

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    Why not try sobriety for 90 days in a row? I know it is easyier said then done but if you don't get dope sick then half the battle is already won. Try and get a legit job and make some positive decisions on where your life is going. Almost everyone of us wishes we never abused our bodies and relationships so badly.

    After that try another stretch of it. You are young and are in for a rough ride they way you say you are living.

    What do you got to lose to try it? You can always go back to the dope it will always be there.

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    not preaching at you at all, but it might be a good idea to stop using any drugs at all if you can. You got in trouble with the cops you got hep c you're on probation all because of drugs. I had to make the same call when I was 20 and addicted to heroin got put on probation for a felony and looking at prison time if I messed up. Got clean for quite a while and it helped a lot with my mind set and put a lot of things into perspective. Like I said not preaching at all cause I know how hard it is to quit. If you are interested in tapering to avoid withdrawal kratom will help but won't get you high if you have any tolerance at all to normal opiates. If I was you I would try to find some help and clean up for a little while at least, life will be a lot more manageable if you take a break. Good luck

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    tapping his delaudid pump when he was sleeping


    you don't need to be looking for a "replacement" chemical....YOU NEED JESUS.


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    You sound like a 20 year old... You think anyone is going to help you with that fucked up story?

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    With your father in mind, I'm going to respect his wishes & tell you to go get fucked, asshole.
    Substitute it with a thing called life. Stay sober.

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    If you're trying to get off dope I suggest suboxone. If you're trying to get high... Well then I don't know what to tell you.

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    I can't understand why you don't have friends. You seem like a real people person. I've heard of doing some dirt but god-damn . Welcome to the club, you can go with opiate replacement therapy.

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    This thread is 6 months old and the OP's only post was them starting this thread, so I'm closing this. If they happen to come back to this thread and want it reopened then PM myself or one of the forum staff members and they will do it for you.
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