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    5-eapb 500mg 2 yrs experience with 5 and 6 apb 
    T + 00
    Began with 1 x120mg pellet from official vendor. Mood heightened a little slightly clenched jaw but little more than that. Waited an hour with no change.
    T + 1.00 hour
    Took second and euphoria kicked in after about 15 minutes or so. Still nowhere near the high you have from 100mg of 5 APB.
    After another 1/2 hour felt some good rushes and slightly blurred vision. Euphoria quite good now felt chatty and open. Still no colourfull mind trip or trippy 'mind wallpaper'. Carried on like this for a few hrs.
    T + 2.5 hrs
    High still steady and feeling energetic and euphoric but again not anywhere near the big trippy rushy hit you get from 5 apb. This is like a good advert for 5 but no more i'm afraid.
    T+ 4 hrs
    Took 3rd 120mg pellet
    After about a further 25-30 mins get familiar mind swirls and psycadellic patterns mainly turquoise and yellows. But only for brief amounts of time.
    Felt good and euphoric for a good 4-5 hours
    T + 8 hrs
    Took final pellet and this increased mind trip but no fresh 'hit' to speak of.
    T+ 10 hrs
    Started to fade away gently over 2 hr period
    before sleeping easily and calmly.
    These are not a Benzo fury replacement but a reasonable second IMO. If you want that your going to have to have Benzo Fury X or AMT.
    I haven't experimented with HCl or freebase yet but when I do I will report. My tip for those who want to get a good hit would be to take at least 2-3 at once but not first time as could be risky.
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    Thanks for report. V few around. Any thoughts re mixing it with 6? Is duration & comeup times similar? I like around 230 mg of 6 so wondering re dose of this. Not after duration & 5-6 hours from drop to finish is plenty. Your dose is not cheap but not really bothered re money rather the potential disappointment of a wasted night. Cheers
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    Sorry should have added I've only used
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    Sorry should have added I've only used powder for a long time. Prefer the marshy feeling rather than speedy.
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    i had 200mg in one go and i had a comedown that lasted two weeks! I dont know how people get through this stuff in large dosages and not get a terrible comedown?
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    I opted for the powder from BB as opposed to the pellet, I had 500mg which I did over 3 hours, very nice and a bit md like, preferred the 6-apb though.
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    Any sort of tolerance or above-or-below average body size/sensitivity?

    I know someone who's mixed, say, 4-MEC and 4-FMA before, but it was really in negligible amounts. Point is that there didn't appear to be symptoms of serotonin syndrome?

    And if so, did you take any vitamins/supplements beforehand? Just out of curiousity. The Ki's for some of those compounds at 5HT is kinda crazy.
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    5-EAPB - If you just want to mess yourself up for days this is the stuff for you.

    Snorting it is like sand papering the inside of your face, dissolving it in liquid taste horrendous so bombing it is what I settled on....I tested a small amount the first night then got more adventurous and bombed about 200mg...Three days later I'm still feeling the effects wondering if I've done permanent damage.

    An hour or so after ingesting I experienced extreme teeth grinding jaw tension and difficulty seeing anything straight I cant actually remember anything majorly pleasant.

    The side effects were so extreme that's all I remember but the next day was worse. Remember the E's of the early 1990's? Eyes bulging out of your head, uncontrollable grinding of teeth...way worse than that without any of the fun beforehand.

    3 Days later I'm experiencing anxiety, confusion, loss of appetite, loss of libido and I'm struggling to sleep. Non of which i've ever had before.

    To sum this up id say someone has intentionally designed this chemical to give you all the horrible side effects of the good stuff (MDMA, Speed etc) but forgot to add the enjoyable elements. My advice is to give this one a wide berth and look for something else
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    I hear this stuff gives you eye wiggles though? I think eye wiggles are fun as hell!! Don't you? Why would anyone list eye wiggles as a negative side effect is beyond me. Maybe they have to be accompanied by extreme MDMA euphoria in order to be perceived as fun/good? That could be it.

    The APB's have NOWHERE NEAR the pleasurable euphoria that MDMA has. 6-APB feels far more like a piperazine than it does like MDMA.
    Now mixing 5 and 6 APB together gave me a strong MDMA like roll. But still I don't see how anyone would ever complain about eye wiggles from rolling. Maybe tripping they aren't good. But tripping sucks, lol
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    Those who think 6-APB feels like MDMA, have never had good quality MDMA before. I have had the best quality 6-APB and it doesn't compare to good quality MDMA. lol if you like 6-APB you would probably like piperazines. (Assuming you didn't get some of the bad side effects that are common for most people)
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    5-MAPB combined with 4-FA also gave me a good quality MDMA roll. And I even had one batch of 5-MAPB which was insane amazing, but every other batch I tried just felt too psychedelic for me. So I had to mix with 4-FA in order to enjoy it.
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