Thread: Xanax oral BA vs Sublingual BA?

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    Xanax oral BA vs Sublingual BA? 
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    i know the bioavalibility of xanax is very high, in the 90% percent range. is the sublingual ROA the same or any higher?
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    No significant difference unless dealing with XR tablets.

    Source: Years of Xanax addiction.
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    They're both high as fuck.
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    People take Xanax sublingually for the almost instantaneous effect, as it kicks in about 2-4 minutes after absorbing it sublingually (SL); taking it SL it is also useful on a full stomach as you bypass first pass metabolism. They don't SL it for BA purposes, but rather for stopping a panic attack in its tracks, when each minute feels like an eternity.

    It was originally marketed as a panic medication, and is one of the quickest-onset benzos I know of other than temazepam, even when taken orally on an empty stomach it tends to kick in about 7-10 minutes after popping it.
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    I've been addicted to ungodly amounts of xanax for 6 years now (just barely got clean 4 weeks ago ) and I could be wrong but I'm almost positive that the oral bio-availability of xanax is approximately 90%. taking it sublingually may have a slightly higher bio-availability but it's up to if you want to endure the nasty taste of xanax taken sublingually for a tiny bit more bio-availability. and ErgicMergic is right, just popping a xanax (xanax XR not included) will kick in anywhere in the range of 5-15 minutes. It is by far the fastest acting medication I've ever experienced taken orally.

    Sincerely, Animoe.
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    Thank you, Animoe and ErgicMergic. Was wondering if the BA varied!
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    i got some of the footballs (1mg) a week or so ago and did em sublingual - they burned in an odd way;not like habanero, not like wasabi, not like being set on fire or maced, but a definite burning sensation. they were blue generics, dont remember the stamp. ive a feeling that this is to discourage insufflation as it was unpleasant enough in my mouth. the bars (2mg, 3 score marks) dont do this. i eat them on an empty stomach anyway,bioavailability is probably within a few % points snorted, sublingual or eaten.
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    It's about the same if you are not taking XR. Personally love the taste of xanax.
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