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    Poppy pod slurry question! 
    Ive got 10g turkish dried poppy pods prepared in water in a slurry which I want to ingest tonight, its been sitting in the water ages. so need some advice quick please!
    Is this a safe dosage? I consumed 15g in a tea this morning, double washed but didn't eat the grounds and i was fine, was good body buzz feeling but only for 30-60 mins. underwhelmed to say the least! I heard people having 8 hour highs but it was gone as quickly as it came, quicker than a CWE on codeine! It may be because I didn't drink it all at once and eat the grounds. I had 3 cups downed the first to gauge effect got desired effect and then consumed the other 2 over 2 hours, but NOTHING maybe it can't be re dosed effectively?

    So as I'm consuming all I've reduced the dosage to 10g and going to down it all in one this time. Its been 5 hours since my last tea so hopefully should be ready to dose. Is this safe? I can deal with eating it but will the material make my body sick once its down? The tea didn't at all. But I'm a bit worried about swallowing all that plant shit. I ground it as much as possible, and i know people say go up 2g at a time, but my body obviously won't let me re dose, and I don't have much, so its all or nothing really.

    Help/advice please!

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    Ask this question in your existing thread.

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