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    Brand new, help with learning why what I have is so "wanted" 
    Hi! I am brand new to the site, in my mid 30's, and was hoping to learn about what in the world the Drs have me on. They say "take this" and that's about it. I am so confused. I DO KNOW, for some reason- ALL my friends local & some younger family members are very excited about my prescriptions and getting a hold of them. I am very naive when it comes to this. I have never had a self induced high, EVER. I do drink alcohol and I figure that's about as much as I have felt out of control when it comes to anything. I guess my question is...with the medications I have, what is a "safe" high combination with the medications I am listing to try and see what a high is?? I'm curious and want to try this safely. I am going to list the medications here.
    Skelaxton 800mg,
    Xanax 2mg "bars as I have heard people ask me for my "Bars" so I have learned that much.
    Vyvanse 40mg,
    Tramadol 50mg (180ct),
    Vicodin 5 (30ct),
    Flexerill 10mg (60 ct),
    Meclizine 25mg,
    Ambien 10mg (30ct) & Lunesta 3mg. I have to switch between the Ambien and lunesta evey few nights.

    As I have said, for some reason they beg me for these medications. Different people want different combinations. I wonder what they are getting out of these that I am not??!! I would like to also learn some street language and words for different script meds and be aware with that is out there as a mother, I can't learn everything on cable.

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    I forgot to add the migraine medication... which I have NO idea why anyone would want from me, but they do. Please help. I seriously do not think the ones asking for the medications need these. So they must be asking for recreation use?
    Imitrex and Fioricet.

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    Out of what you listed the vicodin, vyvanse and xanax are the most commonly abused. Vicodin is an opioid pain medication which many people find euphoric, and the xanax is a benzodiazepine that has a very calming affect that makes you feel worry free, which is the feeling that the people asking you for it are seeking. The vyvanse is a stimulant / amphetamine that increases concentration but can also cause euphoria which appears in the form of being very talkative and enjoying otherwise basic and/or boring things since you feel good when thinking about them.

    The tramadol is basically a weaker version of the vicodin, the ambien is pretty similar to xanax but is more for sleep so those that enjoy it usually only do so for a short amount of time before falling asleep or blacking out. The fioricet is a barbiturate that can mellow you out and can be comparable to alcohol without the same type of intoxication, but with some of the same effects such as lowered inhibitions and carelessness, also similar to the xanax.

    As for combinations, the only one that I would entertain would be some of the CNS depressants taken with the vyvanse to lessen the side effects of it, and/or to help you sleep by counteracting the stimulating properties of it. You should not try to get high by combining drugs at first since this is a lot more dangerous than taking only one substance to get high.

    I'm still not fully understanding the point of your thread so I'm going to stop here and see what you have to say before myself or others reply, or the moderators decide what to do with this thread.

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    BL isn't here to help you get high, but I will say this: Flexeril isn't good for much recreationally beside passing out (if that's considered recreational), and Skelaxton--I'm assuming is the same is Skelaxin--isn't psychoactive. Xanax is a benzodiazepine. It's GABAnergic (similar to alcohol), so it causes feelings of apathy/euphoria/mellowness. Vicodin is a weak opiate best taken orally. Ambien & Lunesta are Z-class sedative-hypnotics, similar to benzos, but produce a more trippy high. Tramadol is a pseudo-opiate. Since these are all CNS depressants, be careful mixing them. Personally I wouldn't mix Ambien/Lunesta with anything. Maybe Vicodin/Tramadol with the Xanax, but again, be careful mixing these two. I wouldn't try the combo until you have plenty of experience with each substance on its own. A lot of people have died mixing benzos with opiates; I've ODed myself on the combo.

    Vicodin is hydrocodone. Ambien is zolpidem. Lunesta is eszoplicone(?). There's not a whole lot of "street lingo" for these drugs. Xanax is alprazolam, called Z's, school buses, totem poles, bars. Xans, etc.

    ~~~~> BDD

    EDIT: Missed the Vyvanse somehow, but Tommyboy took care of it. It's a prodrug of amphetamine, so it's like Adderall. I'm leaving it open & the BDD mods can decide if there's enough HR value to leave it open .

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    I would not recommending combining drugs whose (recreational) effects you are not familiar with. I would also advise against using prescription medication recreationally, even if you don't end up addicted/dependent, any increase in tolerance will decrease the therapeutic benefits you receive from them.

    In particular, avoid combining the fioricet with anything besides the vyvanse, since barbiturates are less safe than benzodiazepines.

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    Most of those drugs have some recreational potential but you don't any true "A-listers" there, 2mg Xanax maybe but it's very common....If this was like that show "Pawn Stars" and you were coming in with a pile of prescription drugs hoping you had a really rare valuable one, you'd be disappointed but still walk out of the pawn shop with some money!

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    I know it's confusing, but I'm going to invite you to do a bit of research on the drugs in question, refine your questions and ask those, as this is getting too close to a "This is what I have, what should I take to get high" thread.

    PM any questions, comments, or complaints via the link in my signature.


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