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    Kratom: comprehensive list of chronic side effects 
    Ahoy BL community. I've been using kratom several times a week for the past 3 years, at several spoonfuls of ground leaf infused in hot water being the dosage. Seeing as there is no comprehensive long-term side effects list that I'm aware of, I thought it would be useful to collate the anecdotal evidence of chronic side-effects (negative or neutral) here.

    I'll start:

    1) I've noticed myself getting powerful edginess/anxiousness/wanting to jump out of my skin on occasions several months ago. I don't know if this is due to the KT, but I'd never had anything like that before.

    2) Developed a tolerance, of course.

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    I used to drink a very concentrated tea and I only noticed two side effects. Visual sensitivity to light. And stomach upset which could have to do with the large amount of lemon juice.
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    Number 1 almost sounds like withdrawal, which is as much as a real thing with kratom as traditional opiates (although not generally as intense or bad).

    I've been a mid to heavy user for about a year, but I've swapped to mainly one particular vendors potent kratom extract.

    The only real side effect I've noticed is a STEEP drop in libido. I'm less interested in sex than I was with a low dose OC habit.

    I also fine kratom more 'spacey' than traditional opiates, so I will find myself daydreaming or staring off more, but this is only occurs during times of heavy use.

    All in all I am far happier with kratom than other opiates I've habitually used. It's (generally) cheaper, not worries of drug tests and I don't have the negative emotional side effects (mainly anger/irritability) that I experience with the others.
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    strigoi, mind if I ask what your usual dose of that extract is?
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    I've been using about 10 grams per day of crushed leaf for almost a year now. Honestly I've not noticed any side effects other than standard withdrawal type symptoms if I don't take it. I've read a lot about kratom giving people upset stomachs and such, but I've never experienced that even once. The odd time if I take some and maybe it's on an empty stomach or something it will make me feel pretty dizzy for a little while.

    It doesn't cause any constipation like regular opiates. I don't make the tea I just eat it, maybe it has lots of fibre in it.

    I find far less change to my interest in sex than with pharmaceutical opiates which kill it pretty strongly.

    But I might have to withdraw here pretty soon, I think there are some supply issues with kratom right now. Nobody seems to have any stock. I've only got like 70 grams left.
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    Sorry, just now saw this reply.. My average dose is .6ml.
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