Thread: missed methamphetamine shot - what to do?

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    missed methamphetamine shot - what to do? 
    I just shot about 20-25 units of approx 1mg/ml methamphetamine solution. It was previously micron filtered and kept in a sterile vial about 3 weeks ago (unfortunately not with any preservative, just regular water). I had been shooting this with no issues almost daily since then. I used a sterile insulin syringe, and swabbed the site before injection.

    Unfortunately I missed a shot in the crook of my elbow just now. I have been putting a washcloth with hot water on it and massaging since immediately after the shot, and I just took some azithromycin. There was some pain upon pushing the plunger down (stupidly I just kept pushing instead of re-registering), and it formed a small lump at the site, which seems to be right on top of the vein under the skin. I know the best option at this point is to get medical help, but barring that, is there anything I can do besides continuing to apply heat/pressure to the area? Realistically, what do you think will happen? Thanks.

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    I have no experience with meth, but i can give u a suggestion from my previous missed heroin shots.. Take some ibuprofen, and run your elbow under HOT water for 10-20 minutes. Apply pressure to the site and as i said run it under steaming hot water for as long as you can. If it gets worse tommorow, and worse the day after go to the hospital, im saying this mainly because u stored ur solution in plain water so some bacteria may have developed. Somone with meth experience may give u a more accurate answer, but this is the best i got for u bud. Good luck.

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    Your solution was 1mg per mL and you shot 25 units? So 0.25mg of meth? Doesn't make a lot of sense.

    Anyways, use a hot compress or run under hot water. Massage the area/apply pressure. Neosporin on the area won't hurt either. Mark the area of swelling to see if it increases or decreases. If it gets worse please seek medical attention.

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    Err, meant to say 1gram/ml. So I shot about 25 mg.

    After some aggressive hot compress usage and massaging, the lump seems to have gone down and there is no apparent swelling currently. I think I can still feel a small little lump under there though, will continue to monitor it.

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    If it's not red and painful and getting worse, you'll probably be fine.

    Also, 1 g/ml would equal out to 250mg of meth, which if the meth is good is a fuckin binger! Or breakfast, for a typical western US meth head.....Why would you keep your meth in solution anyway? Just keep your drugs dry until you're gonna IV them. Bacteria likes moisture.

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    You're doing the right things. You can switch to an ice pack after a while using the hot compress to reduce the swelling.

    Keep an eye on it, make sure it doesn't get any worse, and watch out for infection.

    For more info on missed shots, refer to the IV Megathread in my signature. We have a section about that and there has been many posts/discussion about missed hits.

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    ^very true-best of luck OP, but I'm going to shut this thread down now, check out the IV megathread in Mr.Scagnatties signature and definitely post there about how things are going so we know you are alright.

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