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    Ketamine False Positive For PCP 
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    I have been doing a bit of research on false positive's for PCP caused by Ketamine. I have read a lot of information on various sites but none of the information has any definitive answers. I was wondering how likely this is to occur on a standard 5 panel or 10 panel test and how long Ketamine stays in your system. According to erowid it is 2-4 days however ive also heard 3-5 and in Ketamine Dreams and Realities it states that it is 7-14. If anyone has any information id appreciate any help thanks.

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    How many days totally depends on how much you take, and in what timespan.

    If you didn't know: drugs have a half-life, which means that there is a certain time for half to be broken down in your body.
    The half-life for ketamine is 2.5-3 hours which means that if you start clean, then take 160 mg of ketamine (assuming that you administer it with 100% efficiency like injecting), 2.5-3 hours later there will be 80 mg in your blood, another couple hours later 40 mg, then 20 mg, etc.

    To make matters more complicated, ketamine is broken down to norketamine which has a longer halflife and may also be detected (I am not sure).

    And from the blood these compounds are filtered by the kidneys and pissed out (among other routes of excretion), this again happens at a certain rate I am not sure of.

    So people giving you a number of days are probably considering some kind of standard or maximum reasonable amount of ketamine taken, then calculate an average amount of time to get it removed from your body, they might add a day just to be 'sure', who knows.
    7-14 days is more reasonable if you analyze the theory I just gave you, plus giving a large range is much more realistic than just a single number.

    In conclusion: though you did not say anything about it yet, let me just say that I would not try to calculate exactly how much you can take and when, pushing the envelope, because it seems too complicated with unknown factors like rate of excretion and dare I say foolish typical behavior of an addict (no offense, I was a K addict myself but am recovering). So don't make it hard on yourself and allow for ample time before a drug test - or otherwise get prepared to deal with possible consequences.

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    Thank you this is great info, and no offense taken, i was wondering if you knew anything about false positives? On the tests im given they do not test for K, how likely is a false positive for PCP? it is a panel test, not a lab test and im wondering how reliable these are, they go through a company to do these tests and i get the impression that it is a fairly reliable company

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    I have done it several days in a row up until the night before I had a test that was an instant and gc/ms and been fine but that doesn't really mean anything since not all pcp tests are the same. I think some test for different metabolites that others. At the time I thought my doctor didn't test me for pcp or else I wouldn't of risked it. Even now that I have done it without a false positive being triggered I still don't risk it and take a little break from ketamine just to be safe.

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    IMO very hard to say whether a false positive should be expected. Ketamine is structurally partially like PCP in that it is also an arylcyclohexylamine. If you are unlucky and the antibody in the panel is not super selective, another arylcyclohexylamine (a class including most dissociatives) such as ketamine or its metabolites could bind to it.
    I agree with phenethylo J: if the antibody tests for metabolites or a specific metabolite of PCP, it will be about how closely related ketamine metabolites are combined with the selectivity.
    Generally speaking it would be pretty retarded if the antibody assay was so non-specific so it doesn't really surprise me that you can get away with it. Maybe the question is rather if it is worth risking it.

    - theoretically possible: Yes
    - likely: No

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    ive seen ketamine show a false positive for pcp on both lab and panel tests.
    i had a friend test positive for probation urinalysis about 5 years ago..luckily pcp is such a rare drug around here, it was chalked up to inconclusive and he got to re take, at which he went to prepared w synthtic..

    ive also seen it as a false positive quite a few times on lab tests having worked in a hospital. upon talking to the patient, most times it was admitted they had taken ketamine at some point.

    good luck man!

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    We generally don't allow drug testing questions at bluelight, closing so as not to give you folks any ideas. Also, the question was answered.

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