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    No effects from meth? 
    Hi I'm new to his site and I have a question. SWIM loves crack and has been using it for years but recently SWIM decided to try meth again (SWIM tried meth a couple years back) So SWIM and some friends who regularly smoke meth bought a gram or so. SWIM and her friends started smoking and all of SWIMs friends were high and obviously loving it but SWIM didn't really feel much but maybe a little jittery. SWIM smoked probably well over .25 gram and still felt nothing but motivation and self confidence but no rush and no obvious high. SWIM never felt effects of meth last time she smoke meth either. SWIM is sure it was good meth because SWIMS friends were all tweaking and ranting about the rush. SWIM just kinda sat there and smoked more trying desperately to feel how her friends were feeling. All of SWIMS friends were amazed that SWIM wasn't feeling much and they even helped SWIM smoke it again just in case SWIM was smoking it wrong. Still nothing more than the slight motivation and tiny boost of energy. SWIM was expecting to get a rush kind of like the rush SWIMS gets from crack. SWIM describes the meth as little ice shards what looked to be high quality and SWIM's friends confirmed that this meth was good quality meth. SWIM is very disappointed and wants to know why she isn't experiencing what her friends were obviously loving. SWIM is confused as to why anyone would ever chose meth over crack. Does anyone know why SWIM might not be getting the reaction her friends were? SWIM has tried several times after that day hoping she would eventually feel what her friends did but never nothing more like a rush or euphoric high. Any ideas?
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    Hey are u on anti-depressants SSRI's like Zoloft, celexa, Lexapro, etc. If u are they block the meth feeling completely. I was just like u when I tried it all my friends were high as hell, while i'm sittin there thinkin wtf.. I stii am on antidepressants so I never got to experience the effects of meth yet, but I know it should be a very powerful high, ppl say way better than crack.
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    Cocaine and methamphetamine both have a cross-tolerance. It could be that your cocaine tolerance dulled your methamphetamine experience.

    It could also be that you're used to a specific high from cracked cocaine, something which you couldn't achieve using methamphetamine, ultimately disappointing you.

    Many people tend to report the same thing, each with different circumstances surrounding them. Hence why it's unlikely you'll get a definitive response.

    Please don't use "SWIM" at bluelight, and welcome to the forum.
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    we dont SWIM here, if you wanna SWIM go to the pool, its not gonna help any possible legal issues.

    When I first tried meth I snorted 70mg of some very high quality crystal and felt nothing. Why? for the past 2 years I took adderall every day, and for most of the year before that I shot cocaine almost every day.

    Eventually I got it to "work" i just had to dose very high because my amphetamine and cocaine tolerance where already sky-high.

    Also for some reason, I never could get much of an effect from smoking it, and neither could a few of my friends who used it. Try snorting it or taking it orally, maybe you'll get a better effect.
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    Hey guys thanks a lot yeah sorry about the SWIM thing lol but i was also thinking that maybe since i was used to the rush and high from crack that maybe i just wasnt noticing the meth high. Makes sense now. No I'm not on any medications. I also found the meth comedown much worse than crack. The body aches were worse and light headedness was pretty bad. For me, I guess what I'd consider a weak high from meth just isn't worth the comedown that follows. Thanks a lot. At least now I know not to waste my money on trying to find a high that I'm just missing. I'm glad that wasn't because there was something wrong with me lol.
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