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Thread: Loperamide high! (making it cross the blood brain barrier to feel opioid effects)

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    Loperamide high! (making it cross the blood brain barrier to feel opioid effects) 
    you cant get high on loperamide alone,so take over the counter omeprazole and youll feel the effects it lets it cross the blood brain barrier. and if you want it to be more intense take Tagamet
    so take around 4-5 loperamide 1-2 omeprazole and 1-2 tagamet and youll feel pretty good!

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    I thought all omeprazole did was line your stomach for peeps who have to take loads of other meds?

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    false information.

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    Limonin is a potent P-glycoprotein inhibitor .. Limonin is a limonoid, a bitter, white crystalline substance found in high amounts in orange and lemon seeds. Since Limonin is a potent P-glycoprotein inhibitor it can allow loperamide to cross the blood barrier to produce central opioid effects.

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    these should be posted in loperamide threads that have already been started.

    topics have been covered -ad nauseam-

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    ya i think its been concluded loperamide is a dead end in terms of recreation

    but a good tool for opioid wd

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    I know very little about opiates; one of the few things I know is that there seems to be a broad consensus that this is bullshit. I don't remember if it was bluelight or somewhere else, but I remember coming across a really lengthy thread on this subject, with a few people insisting that it produced an effect, despite total dismissal from everyone else. Some people suggested that if there was an effect, it was a placebo effect. I thought the discussion was kind of fascinating from a psychological standpoint.

    My theory on this, based on the nature and flow of the arguments in that thread, is that loperamide is an especially effective placebo because it is not only active (in that it produces noticeable effects on the body, unlike an entirely inert 'true placebo' e.g., a sugar pill), but it produces some of the same effects in the body that centrally active opiates produce -- specifically in the bowels. Addicted minds are particularly good at noticing connections and relationships between things. The expectation that it may be centrally active, either because it is being taken as a mega-dose, or combined with some other compound believed to help it 'cross the blood-brain barrier' or the like, in combination with physical effects that are also produced by centrally acting opiates, work together to induce a particularly effective placebo effect.

    That doesn't mean it isn't 'real,' of course; obviously, like every other mental experience or act, it has an underlying physiological basis. In some cases, the placebo component of the response to an opiate explains as much or more of the variance in the subjective effects as the direct effects of the opiate itself. But I suggest that a) it is unlikely to be effective at all in a non-addict who is trying to use it to get high; and b) the mechanism is not what it is purported to be.

    I'm not familiar with studies on the effects of loperamide, so you can take this all with a grain of salt, but I am extremely familiar with the literature and current research on the placebo effect.

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    This has been debated multiple times and I don't want to hear another thread debating whether or not it gets you high. I've personally never noticed any difference when combining lope and omeparazole, but that's me.

    I'm going to close this thread to avoid a debate, as this isn't new information being brought to the table.

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