Thread: Maxgalin capsules....?

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    Maxgalin capsules....? 
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    Just recently ordered some pregabalin online and got sent these maxgalin capsules...only problem is I don't know which ones which mg!/:
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    Yes please.
    Usually they're 75mg or 150mg.. what exactly is your question?
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    A cursory examination of the interwebs revealed that they come in different shapes and sizes. The capsules appear to be 50 or 75, while the tablets are er75, ER 150, or IR150 mg. Seem to be produced in India. If you really can't identify them (no markings, ect) I wouldn't fuck with em. Never know what you are getting on line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nAON View Post
    Usually they're 75mg or 150mg.. what exactly is your question?
    umm..something I don't think I am allowed to ask lol[x.
    They came in a package with the milligram on it I just don't have it right now/:
    And I am pretty sure they are either 150 or 75 because I got prescribed 225mg T.I.D
    One is a half yellow half gray (no markings)
    the other is half orange half white (no markings) ...o:
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