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    kratom dosage??? 
    hi all. so i've started taking kratom 3 days ago for suboxone wd. apparently, i have a high tolerance to the shit cuz i gotta take 15 grams to feel anything. i use the maeng da kratom, and yesterday i took around 30 grams. it helped, but i only got 2 hours of sleep last night, and this morning i took a different kind, its 50x bali, indo, and maeng da blend. i took the entire pack (2 grams) and felt nothing. my heart is just racing. so i went back to the head shop and picked up 15grams of true thai. will i be ok to take that much, or am i goin overboard? i have anxiety issues, and the last thing i need is a trip to the ER. thanks all.
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    You should be fine with 15 grams but I wouldn't exceed 30 grams. Try to avoid the headshop kratom; it is much inferior to the strains available online, but I'm not going to do sourcing for you.
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    haha i know. i ordered some good maeng da powder online, but it'll be a few days before it gets here. are you sure the 15grams will be ok even though i took the 2grams of the 50x shit like 4 hours ago? like i said, i didnt feel anything except a racing heart, but i just dont know how the whole 50x affects the dosage, cuz to me 50x2=100, and theres no way it was strong as 100grams!
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    btw the 50x stuff was a different brand as well called 'floories". the normal stuff i take is "super natural" brand. does anyone know what 2 grams of 50x would equal out to in normal kratom doses?
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    ^ It's supposed to mean 2g of 50x leaf extract, meaning 100g of plain-leaf Kratom were used to make those 2g's of kratom extract. This is obviously an exaggeration, but unscrupulous vendors will do what they can to sell you extracts even if they have to lie. This is why I recommend everyone curious to try Kratom to stay on plain leaf only and not use any extracts, ever.

    I would recommend starting out (and sticking with) plain leaf Kratom, and I've found this Kratom dosage chart very accurate. Most "good Kratom" people talk about on forums is the "super grade" kratom listed on that page. I would recommend starting out with 3-5g of super grade kratom, or 8-10g if you have an opiate tolerance. I would recommend dosing no higher than 10-12g in one dose, as that is when the unique "Kratom nausea" and eye wobbles kick in, and no more than 1-2 doses a day, because that is when serious phyiscal dependence sets in.

    My best recommendation: if you can stick to under 4-5g of "good" Kratom dosed only once a day, you can use it for pain, anxiety, or depression and feel extremely minimal side effects and almost no physical dependence. Plain leaf Kratom is delightfully weak, and helps pain patients and ex-opiate addicts live their lives free of crime and full of productivity if they so choose to, and helps them maintain their "sobriety" in a manner similar to a very weak suboxone (socially, not pharmacologically). Illegalize plain leaf Kratom, and you will have thousands of ex-opiate addicts and current pain patients resort to crime or illegally obtained Rx/street opiates; it really is a miracle plant, so let's be responsible and not abuse this wonderfully weak plant.
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    thank you so much. i feel a lot better bout it now, i still feel kinda in a haze, but that could be cuz i only got 2 hours of sleep!
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