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    MDMA and Lyrica? 
    I haven't rolled in over a year, and I've been taking higher doses of Lyrica for nerve pain, it's the only thing that really works on the pain, though in Europe it's prescribed for anxiety and depression. Does anyone have and experience w/ it? Last couple times I did roll, I woke up the next day with fairly extreme pain where I have nerve damage, though I might have been dancing too hard the night before, LOL.
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    from what I can get from the wiki on should not mix it with CND drugs like alcohol, bezos, or opiates. I don't really see anything about it that raises a red flag that says you shouldn't use it with MDMA but I anit no doctor...

    From what I can see you may end up with a less that stellar MDMA experience if you are using it. the effects and side effects mirror "downer" type drugs and they can adversely effect the intensity of the MDMA experience.

    The goo news is it has a short half life. If your pain is not too unbearible that you can be without it for 2-3 could stop taking it few days before your roll and not have any issue.
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    you know its funny because earlierI found some MDMA powder (small amount) and took it, after taking 2 lyrics. Im not prescribed to them but I like the way they make me feel happy and it gets rid of my anxiety and depression so I take it very occasionally. Just so happened I came on bluelight to ask if anyone's tried lyrica and MDMA because let me tell you, that small amount (possibly 20mg) is making me feel INCREDIBLE.

    I know lyrica must release serotonin based on the effects... so a small dose of MDMA and lyrica must mimic a roll in a way. It's not the same feeling however, its more sedative and I feel extremely tranquil. The body high is great, its just perfect.

    I recommend you do not take more than a threshold dose in combination with lyrica because serotonin syndrome is a hypothetical possibility. Try a low dose and see if you feel what im feeling
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    I wouldn't do it, but it's interesting what ^ gman says here about a 20 mg dose (sub-threshold)
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