Thread: Quitting heroin w/o subs or methadone.. Please help!

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    Quitting heroin w/o subs or methadone.. Please help! 
    I have been using heroin everyday for the past 6 months, and am trying to quit without suboxone or methadone and I feel like I am dying. The withdrawal to me isn't as bad as coming off an Opana addiction but I also had subs to help with that. Does anyone know of any thing natural to help the w/d?
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    Well, alot of people on here rave about loperamide as apparently it eases WD in large doses ie. 20-40mg not certain on the dose but a quick search will throw up numerous threads on the subject. On the natural end, poppy pods or seed tea would help immensely or kratom is also good. if its not too firward can I ask what your daily dose of H is/was?
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    Massive doses of loperamide seem to be working for people

    Personally I would never try and detox from any opiate without subs. Why are you trying to do this anyway?
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