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    Methamphetamine Urine Analysis 
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    I have a drug test coming up tomorrow and I know this is delayed, but I was wondering if there was a short term way to pass this test. I have been using since 01/05/13 and that was injected into my bloodstream until 02/04/13. Lately I have just been smoking methamphetamine and I know I have a UA tomorrow for court and it will be a 12 panel test. I have tried to search through this forum as well as the general Internet using "pass 12 panel meth" "pass 12 panel amphetamine(s)", etc. All I could find was baking soda but I thought I had heard something about Certo AKA Fruit Pectin being able to temporarily cover everything except morphine which I found out the hard way for that one, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Closed. We do not allow drug testing questions. Please review the BLUA and forum guidelines before further posting.

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