Thread: Kratom Tea: To filter, or not to filter!?

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    Kratom Tea: To filter, or not to filter!? 
    Hey all,

    I'm both new to these forums and new to Kratom. I've tried codeine a few times and have enjoyed the euphoria attained from its use, however by in large I'm not really a frequent drug (or opioid for that matter) user. I don't enjoy smoking weed as it has a tendency to make me paranoid even in the smallest doses, and I no longer drink.

    I decided to try Kratom after reading a myriad of positive reviews of its effects. Plus I remembered the euphoric times I had with codeine so I thought any legal substance that can deliver similar results deserves a try. Anywhooo, long story short I finally purchased 100g of Super Borneo Red Vein from [somewhere] in Canada as I didn't want to bother with customs - not withstanding Kratom's legal status.

    I ingested what I presumed to be about 20g in a tea (powder/no straining) for my first dose and felt a little bit of a buzz but otherwise not a whole lot. The 2nd time I took in 3 heaping tablespoons, then I waited, then 2 more tablespoons and I really started to feel the buzz/slight. I liked the feeling and wanted it to continue so I then consumed another 3 heaping (literally, these things were mini mountains) tablespoons and waited for it to take effect. I was already pretty buzzed so it was difficult for me to discern the increase in effect, so I thought I'd make some more tea...right before consuming that I began feeling absolutely fucked. I couldn't feel my feet, legs, or arms and I was beginning to feel some amazing euphoria when all of a sudden it turned and the nausea started. I didn't puke or anything, but just had some bad stomach pains and sweats.

    My question is this: For one, is it possible I bought from a weak source considering I had to continuously take tons in order to feel anything?

    And when brewing Kratom tea, since I'm nauseated by the smell, taste and consistency of it, could I get the same effects if I didn't consume the nasty sludge at the bottom of the cup by straining the tea!?

    Any suggestions/experiences would be greatly appreciated. If you have any recipes I'd love to hear them!
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    First off, messing with opiates is really stupid and harmful.

    Sounds like you got a bad batch, with no tolerance 5 grams of regular plain bali leaf made into a tea, fully strained, should get you very noticeably high.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crashing View Post
    First off, messing with opiates is really stupid and harmful.

    Sounds like you got a bad batch, with no tolerance 5 grams of regular plain bali leaf made into a tea, fully strained, should get you very noticeably high.
    Thanks for your response, Crashing! Just out of curiosity, if you don't do opiates, what drugs do you consume? I only ask because considering the subject matter of this website, that opiate comment caught me off guard. Or is it that you've taken on the role of substance abuse advocate due to negative experiences?

    That said, I'm not really a big opiate user. I've tried codeine a few times but nothing harsher. I'm even beginning to get kinda turned off by Kratom b/c of the nausea and HORRIBLE taste. Christ, I don't know how people consume the powder dry so regularly. I was fine with it to start, but after only a couple of times trying it I now cringe at the scent, nevermind the taste. Like, I imagine the fact that I have to consume so friggin much of it in order to feel anything has led to my rapid loathing of it. I read people talking about taking 3-4 grams and feeling amazing. Well, from what I've gathered one teaspoon of powder is 4 grams, and last night I think I consumed about at least 15 grams (possibly more as this was 3 heaping tablespoons) and didn't feel much of anything. If all I had to consume to get high was a teaspoon I'd have no issue at all. I hope all it is is a bad batch.
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    Hey! I know this is a super late response, but if anyone else could get help from this I hope they do.

    [no sources.]

    My favourite from them is just the plain bali! No need to go crazy, however, the Red Veins are really good!!! The one thing I will say is that I've found I have to consume about 15gms of ANY type of kratom (extracts excepted) in order to get high from it (Maybe some people just digest it differently?), and I always feel nauseous but I get some ginger ale and S&V chips and that helps.

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    It sounds like you were just impatient and took too much. It can take up to 1-2 hours for powdered kratom "tossed and washed" to take full effect. If you brew tea it will be a little quicker. You don't have to eat the grounds at the bottom if you let the tea brew for a good ~15 minutes. Most importantly you have to be patient. It's not like instant release codeine where you will feel it in half an hour.

    10 grams is probably tons for your first time... 20 or more is overdoing it. And weigh the stuff out - because measuring by volume is not accurate at all. Get a cheapo 0.1 gram scale.
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    I strain the tea through an old t shirt and keep the waste material dry it out and use it again. Its not as strong and you need to use more of it but you dont get that nasty gunky stuff in the bottom of you drink. I like the red vein types but cant get hold of the meng da which I really want to try
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