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    How does ritalin compare to adderall 
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    I used to use like 60mg every few of weeks of IR adderall, and would be swarmed by euphoria and able to do things real fast with concentration, but that would only last for a few hours at the most before the nasty comedown would start. I am not into uppers anymore, actually i really hate them because i don't like the comedown at all, but was just curious if ritalin makes one feel different than adderall and how so?

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    We only have 5mg dexamphetamine pills here in Sweden, but I like them more than ritalin. Less edgy and more mellow, doesn't tend to make me unable to sleep like ritalin. It's superior in all ways as medicine in my eyes. If you want to get high I don't know, never used the pills to get high. But regular street amp > ritalin in that regard.

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    Most find Ritalin inferior to amphetamine/adderall in almost all possible aspects. The most serious downsides to Ritalin are greater cardiovascular stress compared to amphetamine and higher likelihood of inducing anxiety. Many also find the boost in concentration mediocre compared to amphetamine. The energyboost or "urge to get up and do something" is comparable though and maybe even slightly better.

    But YMMV, if Adderall isn't doing it for you then ritalin is certainly worth a shot. Everybody reacts differently and some people actually prefer Ritalin over Amphetamine.

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    Methylphenidate feels like dirty cocaine to say the least. As ^ mentioned, most users find that methylphenidate is second-rate to adderall in every respect, attention, concentration, memory, euphoria, etc.

    If you use the search engine there are tons of threads identical to this.

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    I have taken dexmethylphenidate (Focalin), but haven't taken Ritalin in years and I don't really remember the experience. Focalin is a very similar alteration of the Ritalin structure.

    I wanted to add the methylphenidate class of drugs tends to produce a somehow more chemical feeling relative to amphetamine. The come-up feels more like a "spike," whereas amphetamine feels more like a wave or smooth upward climb. Same for the comedown. I remember when I used to take Focalin I could always identify the moment when my attention would suddenly scramble, along with an abrupt plummet of mood and energy. I also remember little isolated beads of running down my side, and an alarming rise in heart rate. I was not so aware of these things with amphetamine, the stimulant that I preferred at the time.

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    Ritalin felt like a passive stimulant to me. While adderall feels like you're skydiving while strapped to a nuke set to blow, ritalin can be comparatively relaxed. I would find myself more easily absorbed in tasks, and I was relatively clearheaded. It was definitely moodier, and somehow ritalin produced a stronger desire to redose than most stimulants i've tried. Ritalin is far from my first choice, and while it wasn't designed to be abused (and certainly shouldn't be mind you), it can be helpful if there is nothing else.

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    Ritalin is methylphenidate while Adderall is a combination of 75% dextroamphetamine and 25% levoamphetamine. Methylphenidate is a DRI while the amphetamine salts in Adderall are dopamine releasing agents.

    I've only had Ritalin once and while it is pretty similar to Adderall in the fact that it makes you feel speedy, Adderall has more ability to produce euphoria if your tolerance isn't to high and tends to last longer. Ritalin can also feel dirty to some.

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    This has been covered in full and is more or less open to speculation or preference more than anything. As there seems to be no real harm reduction potential here I'm going to shut this down. In the future for simple questions like this use the search function.

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