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    My first roxies 
    I bought some 30mg Roxies today, bought three of them on the street from some shady guy.

    I took half of one sublingually, and snorted the other half on the way back to the train. I then snorted a second pill, an hour later,

    bringing my total to 60mg, as a opiate-naive individual who weighs 145 pounds.

    I'm feeling itchy and kinda uncoordinated, but honestly am not enjoying this. Could it have been a fake pill? Did I take too much for it enjoyable?

    Why isn't 60mg of oxycontin feeling good??

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    For someone with no tolerance and your body weight, 60mg should have you pretty much blitzed. Back when I had no tolerance i would take 3 or 4 perc 10's and be high enough to even nod a bit for a few hours. I don't know man 60mg should definitely have you pretty high at this point. It's possible he ripped you off, there's no way for anyone on here to tell you for sure though.

    Did you try to identify the pills he gave you? You can do this easily by using google. I'm pretty sure doing pill ID's here is against the rules otherwise I'd tell you to post a pic. I mean either they were fake or you have some kind of freakish natural opiate tolerance. You said you bought them on the street from some shady guy so there's a good possibility they were fake. I know fake oxy/roxis are around some places but I've never seen them myself. Though where i live I find it's difficult to come across oxycodone for sale in general, at least on a consistent basis.

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    you didnt enjoy it cuz you took to much

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    They had the right letters and numbers on them, A 215, but the pill scrapes off pretty easily with my fingernail, and I'm not sure if the lettering is as deep/clear as I'd expect. But it looks pretty legit. Who knows. He was a middleman on the street, and was still offering me 3 of them for $*snip* That's "90mg" for $*snip*... suspicious? Is this cheaper than you'd expect for legit oxys? Also suspicious is... where in the world would they all be coming from if it were actually from a pharmacy? This guy seemed to know a lot of people up and down the street.

    I'm at 4 hours since first dosing, and 3 hours since the second pill. I'm feeling pretty good right now. I think it feels best on a kinda lower level, such that I feel almost sober but happier and more motivated.

    My eyes are actually unable to maintain both direction and focus on where I'm trying to look. Weird.
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    Shove the last one up your butt, that'll give u a real rush man.

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    You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
    This is against some very basic rules on BL - Other Drugs.
    Prices, Pill Id etc.


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