Thread: Ambien injections and the feeling of injected Ambien.

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    Ambien injections and the feeling of injected Ambien. 
    I am just posting this to tell you guy that you can easily inject Ambien and it's affects are totally different than when snorted or taken orally. It doesnt make you sleepy, or go into a hypnotic state (AKA Ambien walrus) and it doesnt make you trip. What it does do is provide a very opiate like rush, especially when combined with opiates like Dilaudid, heroin, and Opana's. You need to use a wheel filter to inject these because they are one of the worse pills to inject because of the 2 types of microcrystalline cellulose, and cellulose is worse than talc for injections. Also you really need to add at least .6-1.1cc's of water (you will loose 1cc of water every time you inject because the pill's binders absorb a good amount of water that you cant get back out. I have a LARGE 500 8mg Dilaudid a month prescription for Dilaudid, so Dilaudid is my DOC because I love the rush and Dilaudid has the best opiate. SO my normal/favorite drug combo is 20mg of Ambien and 54mg of Dilaudid but in a full 3ml syringe. The rush is literally out of this world! It is absolutely the best rush you can have (even more than mixing coke and Dilaudid). But remember, Ambien can cause respiratory depression just like any other benzo so you need to take it SLOW when mixing opiates and ambien (or any benzo for that matter).

    Just trying to help out and give some advice. Stay safe guys and dont attempt without wheel filters (I use first a .8 and then a .22 so that the .22 filter doesn't clog up.)

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