Thread: Most peacefull way to kill yourself?

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    Most peacefull way to kill yourself? 
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    Genuine question; not fishing for dramatic pretence or "omg don't do it < 3 " malarkey.

    My guess is high dose barbiturates, but having already failed a with a tramadol overdose (pesky stomach vomited it all out) I am wondering if there is an alternative to overdosing as a "nice way to go".

    Once again I'm not going to get personal or whine about my life - I just feel like I am a good guy who deserves a peaceful exit!


    Edit: Whoopsiedoodle, I spelled a word wrong in the thread title!

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    We cannot give you that sort of advice here.
    Sorry, but suicide is never the right choice.
    Get well

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    Most peaceful way to go? None. You come into this world kicking and screaming, you go out the same way. As for what is the most humane way to kill yourself?..

    I don't give the whole "talk you out of it" speech, I really don't give a shit if you do or you don't .I say that a lot, cuz I don't really care what you do, and because I live by that sentence, get it? You either do or you don't very fucking simple concept to live by, and I like simplicity, so lets keep this simple. If your gonna do it, your gonna do it regardless of what some no know shmo from internet land has to say about it. But, before you do gimme your story. Your gonna end it anyway I take it, so I might as well get your story, after all if anything we leave behind, we leave behind a story. So, what's the story? You understand what I'm trying to say? You believe in suicide, I don't, I care about your story. I don't really enjoy listening to people I agree with. I don't agree with you so, we both have nothing better to do at..what it's 3 am where you are? It's 2am here, do a good deed, entertain my curiosity. PM me if you don't want this to derail the topic of the thread, but be a sport and give me the scoop.
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    I don't think you're really interested in actual methods but rather you want people to tell you not to do it and it is a cry for help. That's fine but I don't think you need to threaten to kill yourself to get the help and attention you need. Really you could just tell people about your problems and say you're having a really hard time coping and that would work just as well. There's no need to threaten suicide to show how serious your problems are. People won't take you seriously anyway because 9 times out of 10 truly suicidal people don't talk about it. They just act and if necessary do their own research. I'm not saying this is right because it does happen but this is how people will react. After a search online for a few minutes you should be able to easily find what you need without our help.

    So why don't you just tell us what's bothering you so we can help instead? It would be much easier! I hope I don't sound judgemental, I'm just being brutally honest.

    To answer your question though the British didn't perfect drop hanging and use it for years despite its image for no reason. They did a study into in the early in the 1900s and it's one of the quickest, most painless ways to die. It's more humane than even lethal injection not just because it's painless if done right but because it's all over so incredibly quickly.

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    A lot of people who post on TDS are struggling every minute with suicidal feelings and sometimes something said in answer to a question like this, whether brutally honest or gentle and empathetic, can tip someone else into thinking this is the best way to finally feel some peace. Rather than try to moderate this thread post by post I am going to close it.

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