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    LSD - Tripping with girlfriend 
    Tomorrow night, my girlfriend and I are going to be taking a tab of LSD each. I have done LSD previously once before and it was the best experience of my life, so I'm hoping that its the same for her, and even hopefully changes her outlook on things!

    For her first time, I want to be special, so I figured we would get some nice music, light some candles, buy a few glow sticks and sit back on the couch and trip all night long (well thats the plan anyway)

    I was just wondering if there are any tips anyone could give me in regards to making her time the most enjoyable it could be ? or any pointers if she starts to freak out?

    I will also be posting a trip report after the trip!

    Thank you
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    Sounds like a nice plan, although I wouldn't feel save enough to do it with only one trip under my belt, but that's a personal thing. Remember to dose her lower, girls are affected a lot more in my experience.

    Also, again personally, I'd first introduce her to some empathogen (which is a positive experience 99% of the time), just to get a feel for the state. Have you talked about this and does she want to experience vivid alterations of reality ? Or is it just a quiet night in the evening with a sparkle ? Big difference there, IMO.

    To the point: Your good experience is no guarantee for her. Also, you can't "hope" for anything to happen, it doesn't work that way. Let her explore it for herself. If she wants to have a different outlook, she will. LSD will just be an aid in the process. Or a pain, if she doesn't want it.
    When I introduced my GF, it was with 8mg of 2C-D and as you can imagine, a very mild experience. She also said "she doesn't want the walls to move", for her first time. She's only 20yo though, I don't know about yours.

    Candles, glowsticks are nice indeed. Just do what you always do, but now under the influence of LSD. Staying indoors is a must on a first, imo.
    We dropped, got in the shower, massaged eachother and then watched Alice in Wonderland. After the movie we had sex and went for a walk on the comedown. Perfect first trip, IMO.
    In regards to making it most enjoyable for her, just ask her what she wants to do. Chances are, it's just lying in bed, talking, playing, ...

    About the freaking out: I'd dose aiming for a ++ instead of a fullblown +++ the first time, but if the latter is what you want: talk to her about this before you drop. Preferably today, not the hours before the drop. Make clear that you cannot imagine what she will experience, and that the feelings she will have are *her* feelings, and that how she reacts to them will not change anything between you two. Tell her of your experience, and tell her she has to read a few reports of other peoples' (preferably girls') first trips. If she freaks out during the trip, there's really not much you can do, besides telling her it's the effect of a drug and it's going to be over. Make clear beforehand that if this happens, she just has to acknowledge the fact that she's in that state of mind for the next couple of hours. Change of rooms/music could be good. Maybe taking a shower together. But if you create a safe/beautiful environment at home it'll help her not freak out.

    Happy travels !
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    ^All very good advice there. One thing I'd like to add is, if you have them available, it could be useful to keep benzos on you as kind of a 'back up' incase she does freak out. (It's always useful to have them available during a trip, not just the first time.)

    Other than that the setting sounds good. Just make sure you both go into this with a positive mindset and I'm sure you'll both have a wonderful experience. LSD is a great substance, but it demands respect.

    Have fun tripping!
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    Yes please.
    bdd -> PD
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    dude, sex must happen :P
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    Ok so im gonna leave this post here. I dont really know where else it could go. Im assuming the title of this thread will get it read by those in the exact situation it could be most helpful for. The story about the issue is real and something i heard about so it could help with safety for trips.

    The rest is my rough analysis of the issue so far, read if bored, comment on blatant holes if you have a moment etc.

    If this somehow hijacks the thread then wack it. I dont care anymore.

    Its also not really complete so maybe ill post the general stuff elsewhere if i notice it doesnt have some major flaw or is simply total nonsense or net even entertaining.

    So i tried to rip and simplify this from another more detailed and complicated source of documents quickly and post it here. Please let me know if anything is unclear or confusing or needs clarification. I basically just rewrote the basic idea and interesting bits and ran short of time. Please excuse typos and possible areas where things are repeated or inserted slightly out of place. I will recheck and clean asap

    Its some potential problem i heard about a while back regarding tripping with your GF/BF and relatively newish and growing relationship. Id define this as pretty much any before marriage and only a few years in existence.

    The important factor here in determining if you are effected or not which will be explained later is your understanding of the relationship as either growing, fragile, possibility of trust issues, no genuine desire to make it permanent in your life, still considering the possibility of other partners in the future etc and so forth. These are all valid for this discussion.

    Those that are not are those that are genuinely viewed in your soul as permanent no matter what, no longer any choice to end it etc.

    The issue was reported by trusted and clever people with insights and access to others and an ability to judge importance with to access to details indicating the scale of the issue and thus consistency as a factual concern and not a subjective one with coincidence causing false perception of the scale.

    Meaning they think its real and can be analysed for further insight, which i have done. So dont accept my warning, read my following analysis which grew beyond the initial goal and touches on some very interesting theories on these drugs in general.

    I very much enjoy and am reasonably skilled at high level analysis of new ideas and the development of theoretical concepts and logic based explanations interesting shit. Its very high level and non technical. Like a conceptual analysis using a logic based structure for the purpose of best explaining it to others.

    The nice thing about simple conceptual analysis and theories like this is that even if my explanations or understanding of whats really going on is completely incorrect, its still often possible for functional activities based off them to be effective because the high level effect still matches up even if my amazing logic got lost i the details :-)

    Let me know what you think!
    I am mostly interested in any flaws in the logic which would put my conclusions at risk! So let me know!

    The issue. The symptom. The problem:

    I have heard from other friends and trip veterans that its common in their experience and circles for opposite sex partners who are in a relationship for some reason to end up intently monitoring their partners during the trip and often noticing or perceiving something about the other person, like a reaction or manerizim (sp?) or opinion on something or even a physical aspect about how they carry themselves that had not been noticed before and this small detail which is....

    in itself totally unimportant but it is then linked (as a likely mental mechanism to allow conscious interpretation of the change in facts) to some big realization you have suddenly decerned, as if interpreted by that noticed feature of the other person mentioned initially (this is usually some random imagined idea based on reports) that totally redefines your overall opinion about them in some real way that could be positive or negative but always disrupting and unwanted.

    The problem with this I am told is that the insight isnt really a choice, it is delivered as an understanding, a fact that simply is and not open to any further interpretation or acceptance/denial. It becomes truth like the undeniable truth of their eye colour or name. Expained later

    This then can pose an issue further on when realizing what the result of the shift in that opinion might mean specifically in how you view your status or relationship with that person.
    Apparently it can get complicated and dont worry if you are still confused about wtf im talking about.

    I was given real examples that are quite scary but hopefully clarify the above explanation.

    1. The BF picked up the idea of vulnerability in the GF and a need to protect her which in turn sparked (or perhaps resulted from) an emotionally charged memory of a similar intention towards a younger sister during a time of concerns with other classmates when she was younger.
    This resulted in shift toward seeing the GF as a sister figure and not a sexual partner as before causing the relationship to fail.

    2. A case where the BF admitted to being homosexual due to some loyalty to a dead brother who was perceived as also being homosexual when alive where the GF was mentally linked to a friend of the dead brother who hurt him emotionally in the past and mocked him for is assumed sexual preferences which he never admitted to in life.

    3. Something about the GF seeing some part of an abusive family member in their boyfriendand being unable to face the BF after that.

    Those are some that where easier to explain or track some reasoning flow. Many others dont make sense and seem insane or random. The below tried to clarify this all and explain some theories.

    The explanation and theories

    Im not really a regular tripper but based on the above the problem with these drugs is that false random perceptions can be hallucinated and imagined and this is the point and fun factor of the drug but it seems that when you share the trip with others with whom you share a very close emotional bond with that might be stronger then most of your other relationships, but say not as strong and immune to risk like family might be, for example the new and growing BF/GF relationship type, there seems to be a fragile situation that could be created and cause chaos.

    It seems the close emotional bond and thus a natural more intense focus on that person including hightened valuation of the feedback and input received by the brain linked to them might be then sent and processed via a more in depth or advanced level of analysis within the brain which is now under the influence of the drug we all know and love which is where a problem seems to occur.

    The drug is now allowing imagined and uncontrolled perceptions to be accepted as reality such as those obvious ones you enjoy through your different external senses but we cant forget this is happening in other areas of the brain as well that determine other types of perceptions of our interaction with life and stuff around us. For example these other ones would cause the mind trip type trippy funness like time distortion and so forth.

    So we go back to the detailed analysis of the significant other and basically we know the results of our constant analysis of the status of the relationship is an understanding, opinion or perception, an overall current status of the entire relationship.

    We know this status is constantly updating as interaction and feedback swap back and forth as you are currently interacting with them during your trip.

    We know this overall status is where the drug causes something profound in effect as well as falseness to slip in to the analysis routine that is currently processing the latest data from your latest interaction with them.

    We assume this analysis routine has long since been assigned a high level of trust and conclusions it outputs are accepted as facts and saved against the final and overall status of the current topic of analysis. And this automatic trust and assumption of truth is usually warranted since it is only outputting truths for many many small things, basically doing the unconscious thinking while we focus on the bigger picture.

    So usually this process is what would pick up body movements and interpret them constantly and send off the reaction, like for example how we automatically respond to repertoire or mirroring of body language.

    So we just accept this processes accuracy when dealing with these things in the background.

    Now with the drug like acid it will piggy back false perceptions/conclusions on this trusted analysis process and as a result be delivered through a secure and trusted channel as fact to where it saved and incorporated against the final status, the current understanding and truth of the current topic

    The thing is however that the scale of the false conclusion/perception can be anything and not necessarily small and on its on merit totally insignificant such as the small bits of info released from the analysis process with normal functioning.

    The invading idea could be a massive complicated conclusion that would normally been analysed and decided on im terms of accept or reject on a conscious level but instead just slips through as if automatically accepted by you consciously.

    Yes, a major security flaw and risk of serious trouble. This is why often a profound shift is experienced where you experience some new truth has been integrated shifting the overall status of something in some new way.

    Often you dont notice the moment of status shift because suddenly the new truth is there without consciously being accepted and thus expected in further interactions.

    You unconsciously changed the status of something possibly profoundly and might not realise right away or even until days after the trip depending on what element, if not everything like often happens, of your relationship would cause interactions where you might respond unexpectedly, in her opinion, but normally to you since you work on the status and assume its fact.

    Anyways, wow its possible to explain to so much detail. I must keep things simple.

    Basically to conclude the above, you might only notice the high level status change from friction and concern from her/him when you act strangely and eventually you can use memories to see how you acted before and now and she/he can explain how you changed and you can eventaully figure it out and generally what changed.

    Often however the imagined perception changes the core relationship status in such a way that you notice a sudden or subtle shift in your emotional response in the situation you are in right now when it happened causing conscious notice and conscious analysis of everything surrounding the event to figure out whats happening. Ok, lets move on!

    So in summary, why is your GF/BF most at risk on a trip: Consider your conscious needs and desires in terms of information, knowledge and validation when it comes to this newish relationship.
    You almost certainly are intently focused on performing at your best, monitoring the results, learning about the person and so forth and you are always considering this data in terms of how well it is progressing overall based on your personal definitions of success in this regard.

    So take note of this important point.

    You are likely constantly evaluating and updating your valuation of the entire relationship overall on a daily basis or more so with every single interaction with the target as this is a major priority and focus in life right now and receives major mindshare or mental resources and attention.

    What this means is that your overall perception of the relationship and that person is vulnerable to modification and will be updated with certainty within the confines of you acid trip. And that is where the weirdest random insights and truth can slip in seemingly delivered from a "trusted" mental analysis process and thus update the status and truth of the relationship with any random crazy modification.

    So why dont other real and similarly important life elements get messed up as well on acid?

    Its simple. You wont take away genuinely fucked perceptions of fundamental things or reality itself (where you basically stay high forever haha) because you are never at any point updating your overall status, truths, acceptance or overall perception or level of trust etc for any of these things during your high.

    You are not questioning these things that you have accepted as fact and rewarded with total trust long long time ago already.
    No way for a false perception to slip in to an analysis process and be delivered as an updated fact on the issue. Those are read only for all intents and purposes, thank god.

    Many other things that are priorities like your GF at that time in your life are not present during the trip and not being interacted with directly so even thinking about them with focus while tripping seems to be safe because i believe a direct interaction is required where a test of the thought or idea is sent forth and feedback is received which is what is required before analysis has the necessary data to proceed (here is where the lies would be inserted by the drug) and thus the overall status is updated from the analysis.

    Just thinking about it cant update the facts as they are still just untested possibilities. So obsessing over things on acid wont allow a random change in truth or of importance or significance on that topic just because you desire it or fear it. Thank god.

    So theoretically you could trip at work and likely cause an accepted false perception about your career or more likely your employer or who knows what by performing work or interacting with the core symbol of that life priority you might link to what you define as "work" like maybe your boss themself etc.

    So im not sure if this makes it clear how hallucinogens seem to effect things temporarily like the senses which have more single layered understandings or controlling truths which are always getting updated and will be quickly fixed with correct data when the drug wears off.

    Core reality is left safe since its no longer being questioned and is thus safe from updating with false info.

    Other active current life priorities could be risky but are usually safe as any weird drug ideas are not being tested with recorded feedback at the time of the drugs effects, and thus the drug cannot slip in the analysis routine and save a false perception against the the current status

    Most other ideas and everything else is usually safe as they also require some predefined or symbolic level of interaction which we know now is required before any update to the current truth/status could be allowed and thus risk it being tainted.

    Friends you might be with often on trips seem low risk since the drug time is usually not considered as impactful to the overall friendship and you are not actively working on growing the relatiionship in some way. Its friend guy or girl time, enjoying the current friendship as is, there is no expectation that the experience could effect your status as friends in some way so no monitoring and thus risky analysis is done with friends as opposed to perhaps tripping with a GF for the first time which is utterly different and more stressful and thus monitored for safety sake constantly, therefore constantly updating in status and as we now know, at risk for false perceptions.

    Thats possibly why we see temporary rec level perception changes but seem mostly safe from this powerful idea of altered perceptions at gaining access to far more important and life and sense of self defining perceptions and truths.

    So I hope this illustrates at least an interesting or intriguing conceptual look at how these perception changing drugs do their cool deeds and how they might be controlled or kept safe from real damage, and managed or even potentially manipulated to a greater level in some way in future.

    Im not going to even touch on the possibilities of basically shoving your hand in to your brain and literally tweaking anything you want with ease once you understand all the factors and figure out how to initiate the analysis->update process reliably.

    Maybe create a whole new personality without any of your previous weaknesses? Why not?

    Well the biggest issue that i dont have a handle on yet is controlling exactly what perception gets inserted and saved.
    It seems random and uncontrollable.

    Experiences have shown no relation between desires or current thought patterms etc when compared to resulting perceptions delivered and saved that might indicate some sort of influence over them that could be harnessed or targeted

    So for now the most you could do likely easily open the analysis and save function for any desired perception and get a random result integrated against. The luck of the draw my friends but this sounds risky.

    Some might find it appealing, like the gambling man, opening up many of these ideas that define you and handing it over to luck and see what new version of you comes out. A new you, a potentially new life that would be lived and experienced in a new and unique way, just like that.

    A brave soul it would take to discard your very identity forever and get a random on back in return. The ultimate gamble!

    So as mentioned i tried to rip and simplify this from another detailed document quickly and post it here. Please let me know if anything is unclear or confusing or needs clarification. Im sure however you will just think im some crazy tweaker lol.
    Maybe i am and its just some false perception telling me i sane and normal?

    I hope it was at least interesting. I might post the real docos later when properly tested.
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    set and setting is always most important with tryptamine and tryptamine-esque hallucinogens, make sure you are both in a position where you feel safe and comfortable before you begin. i'd say generally the secret to having the best experience is to not have any preconceived notions about where you want to take the trip beforehand; just go with the flow and let the acid do its thing; don't force it. also, you should be prepared that your relationship could go in any kind of direction during or after the trip; if there is any kind of tension or trouble, you both may end up confronting it while under the influence. LSD really makes you think. if she starts to freak, 0.5-1 mg of xanax should pretty much bring her down. be safe and have fun!
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    the only girlfriend I ever had split with me the day we first tripped,it was her first time..... learn from my fail,enjoy,but be carefull what you say or do,also dont trip with her if she is on her period,that is love antidote
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    What's with all the doom and gloom? OP doesn't seem to be having any trouble with the relationship, and IME taking LSD as a couple is a blast! Dose low for the first time, one tab should do the trick. Sounds like you have a great plan for the day, the only thing I'd add is to plan a walk outside. The outdoors is my favorite place to trip.
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    I've had nothing but positive experiences tripping with my SO, who I introduced to psychedelics.

    Pay careful attention to set and setting and you will be just fine.
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    I fell in love with lsd after I tripped with my girlfriend. I echo the advice to halve her dose. She may be disappointed if she experiences a less than intense trip but better that than trying to talk down a freaked out woman. This is particularly impertinent given you have only tripped once yourself and have yet to face a wayward journey for yourself. You might want to lower your own dose because it would be grossly unfair to wig out and then expect your girlfriend to fend for your self.

    Having said all that I'm sure it will be everything you expect. If you are planning on staying home then music and movies are important. My partner and I have a soft spot for cheesy 80's teen flicks so The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink and Ferris Beuler's Day off have all come out during our adventures. (Perhaps it's a Molly thing ) Don't expect to watch it all and don't try and watch anything too cerebral, just have something running in the back ground. Music concerts are also another of our favourites. Don't forget food, easy to eat bite size pieces of fruit or cheese platter are our stable. I have tried to cook ribs once on a whim and that got a bit messy. Still worth it for mind.

    If you plan on heading outside just be wary of the delayed peak and be prepared to return home to the comfort of home if she needs to. Or first trip together was to the art gallery, we synchronised our ipods with the same album and wandered through the gallery holding hands. In hind sight I shouldn't have given her a whole tab, after 3-4 hours it got too much that we bundled ourselves into the longest, strangest cab ride in history, before finally making it home. An intense couple of hours followed before we stripped naked and had wild sex until we came down. Nothing beats fucking a serpent dragon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blight12 View Post
    That's a very interesting read but sometimes hard to follow. I have the feeling I know exactly what you mean, though.

    It's definetly a plus if you know who you are, deep down. And know why that girl chose you. It may not be conscious, but she chose you for who you are at the core, not for the persona/social face you put on during normal daytime activities.

    I think that's what you're trying to say, among other things ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Busty St Clare View Post
    Nothing beats fucking a serpent dragon.
    Eyelashes like snakes are fucking awesome
    Last edited by Achten; 14-12-2012 at 13:46.
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    Tripping with your partner is one of the most intimate and amazing things you can do together. Psychedelics are change catalysts and they could have the effect of bringing you so close together you merge into one; or showing you that you can't fit together sooner than you might have realized on your own.

    My tip is to just make sure you've cleared the air of any doubts or grudges beforehand. It's important that you both trust each other. Influence set and setting by doing something positive together before you trip, like cleaning up the house, making snacks for later, doing some exercise etc.

    If she starts to freak out reassure her that you love her, that she is safe, and most of all stay calm. Remind her she took a drug and that is why she feels strange and it will be over soon. Then try to distract her by talking about a happy memory or something she likes.
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    the love drug, the drug of love.


    open fire place and animal skin rug

    isolated beach at night

    merry xmas
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