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    Hey guys, so a friend of mine is thinking about ordering a half gram of 25i-NBOMe and putting it on blotter paper. Some questions come along with that process;

    1) Technically its unscheduled, but could in "certain circumstances" could be considered and an analog, so will it be legitimately order-able to a residence in the US?
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    4) If it is only possible to obtain the free base, would alcohol (everclear) be a suitable solvent? (I think so, just making sure)
    5) How does one even go about preparing blotters like this with accurate measurements etc.

    I'm real new here and my friend is new at the preparation of things like this so any input/advice/help is appreciated.
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    First of all, we don't SWIM here. It does nothing to protect against any sort of legal ramifications.

    Second, unless you have some sort of chemistry background, I wouldn't try fucking around trying to make blotters with it. It's a very tricky process to do correctly and people screw it up all the time, resulting in things like uneven sheets with some inactive blotters and some super active ones in the same batch. Amateur who do not know what they are doing should not be messing around with this stuff coz they read some directions from some unknown 20-something in an undisclosed location around the world.

    Third, it's not scheduled but would most definetely be considered an analog and liable for prosecution were authorities to catch you with it. Especially in cases of intent to distribute. Wannabe drug dealers have been trying to pass this stuff off as LSD as of late unfortunately, sometimes resulting in freak outs and overdoses.

    Lastly, no one here is going to give you a source to find this stuff. This thread is going to be closed.
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    would alcohol (everclear) be a suitable solvent

    How does one even go about preparing blotters like this with accurate measurements etc.
    For accuracy and convenience you can't beat volumetric/liquid dosing.
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    That's a powerful and potentially lethal drug, and unfortunately it sounds like you haven't done much research on the process. If I were you, I wouldn't make laying blotters of 25I-NBOMe my first chemistry project. Better to start with something that won't kill you if you lick your fingers.
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    as above. this is a highly potent chemical and it can be dangerous if consumed (intentionally or otherwise) in high doses. only in this case, a "high dose" is a SUBMILLIGRAM amount!! i wouldn't even handle this stuff without gloves, face mask, goggles and a pharmaceutical balance. you have no business trying to make blotters and putting whatever result of your efforts out on the street. you're going to get someone killed or hospitalized. that's shaky enough legal ground without even considering the possible analog status of NBOMes. this sort of activity is totally contrary to responsible use and is harmful to the RC scene as a whole.
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    Considering your name is bignigs92, I'm going to assume you want to pass these off as LSD...
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    people have had seizures from regular doses. Not really a chemical to play around with or give out to anyone. If someone wants to try it they can order it themselves and figure it out. Half a gram is a ridiculous amount of 25i to get and with that amount i could only think someone is going to just get it for its resale value. I once ordered 50mg and it lasted me quite a while. Do not go around selling this as LSD or 25i, you probably don't have the skill to lay the blotter properly or the equipment, so don't risk killing someone or giving them a seizure.
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    this is one class of chems you want to be be dead accurate with, this isnt pot, and your plannning on distribution right? a half G is alot for personal use and laying blotter as a novice will likely get somebody hurt and you in jail, just advice
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobotRipping View Post
    Half a gram is a ridiculous amount of 25i to get and with that amount i could only think someone is going to just get it for its resale value.
    Not necessarily. Some of us forsee the inevitable future banning of this substance and want enough to last a lifetime.
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