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    Phenibut - Experienced - Detailed trip report and Effects of Phenibut 
    I recently have been into the exploration of Nootropics and Smart Drugs to improve intelligence/mood. I have found Phenibut to be very interesting, and can possibly suppress nicotine cravings and help with opiate withdrawal. I know it says the half life of phenibut is 5 hours although I believe the strongest effects last only about 5 hours but the after effects are still apparent but I believe that it is a lot longer because it is now T+48.5 and I can feel the chemical barley lingering around in my system. Which could explain why people are still getting withdrawals after following the 3 days on / 3 days off washout on the back of manufactured pill bottles.

    * The theory below are my own personal theory's there is no evidence of the dosage/duration everyone's body reacts differently to chemicals this is just my experience. "


    Threshold: 500 mg
    Light: 1 Gram
    Common: 2 Grams
    Strong: 4 Grams+


    Total duration: 48 Hours
    Onset: 2.5 Hours
    Coming Up: 3.5 Hours
    Peak: 5 Hours
    After effects: 37 Hours

    My Experience

    My original plan was to take the recommended dose of 2 grams but I decided to wait a bit and take 4 grams which I don't think I'll be taking that large of a dose in the future because of the overwhelming effects of this substance that are identical to a mild alcohol hangover but I do not regret this experience because of the mental part was amazing it severely enhanced my focus,thinking processes, reaction time, and cognitive power.

    I Had the idea to take this before work because I've always had social anxiety and problems communicating at work. originally was going to take 2 grams of this substance but after researching a bit online I decided to take 4 grams because of most of the experiences saying that 2 grams wasn't really enough.

    My first mistake was to take this substance before work. At T+5 Hours when it kicked in, it increased genitally over the next few hours until the effects were so powerful that it was a little uncomfortable, and when I say powerful I don't mean "it was powerful like a strong benzo high " it was mildly uncomfortable because my thought processes were sped up, to the point someones thoughts under the influence of LSD/psychoactive. Of course there are no psychedelic aspects of phenibut but I kept having new ideas that led to inspiration of more new ideas.

    I did feel a little bit shaky at work it got way worse when I decided to go outside in the back and smoke a cigarette on my break. I am a regular smoker I smoke about a pack every 48 hours. My third hit of the cigarette, I got an overwhelming nicotine high that boosted the feeling of phenibut to another level it made me a little nauseous and shaky and my vision started to lag behind a couple frames it was like the FPS in my vision was lowered almost like on dissociatives like dxm/ketamine/methoxtamine.

    These effects began to luckily wear off in the next couple of hours but left me feeling giddy and I kept laughing which definitively produced some weird feelings at my work. I work at a BBQ, there is a two-way window, so when I make a call in order I put it on the table in front of me and the front-line sells it to the customer picking it up. There was a girl at the counter in front of me waiting for me to finish a call in order as I reached to grab the bread above the counter I started giggling involuntary and uncontrollably the girl instantly got a weird look on her face which made me laugh even more because of the fact I probably looked like some sort of idiot laughing to myself about nothing..

    Anyways I got home and took a bath still giddy and ended up falling asleep almost instantly when I got into bed. after I woke I felt fine until I got out of bed then I got really dizzy and went outside smoked a little piece of a cigarette before I vomited all over my driveway and the visual distorted FPS effect came back. I believe that Phenibut can be used to quit smoking in the last 72 hours I've only smoked 2 cigarettes and have had no cravings whatsoever.

    I called off work because there was no way I could of gone because I felt nauseous every time I stood up. but when I laid down I fell right back asleep It felt so good to lie down. I woke several hours later and got on the computer and started to read about chemistry on Google. I've always wanted to eventually pursue a career in the chemical field I believe that life is nothing but one big chemical reaction. Chemicals will always amaze me. anyways I started to read about chemical's on wiki and everything I didn't understand or a word I did not know I would click that link until I ended up having about 52 Wikipedia tabs open on my computer then I would overview the tabs backwards and recollect all the information I gathered.

    I was amazed with this, this chemical is amazing when it comes to increasing your cognitive functions in the brain I came up with all of these theory's I've never thought of, I came up with business investments, theory's on evolution & time and theory's about the meaning of life It was all new to me I've thought of these things before but never to this extent I've always considered myself fairly unintelligent as far as grammar but when im alone inside my mind I come up with some pretty amazing theory's that I believe could one day be published but I doubt ill ever have the motivation/expertise to get them published. it was still a pretty cool thing to think about. i took some online reaction test and they were 25% better than before administering this chemical its truly amazing I just recommended staying at a lower mg and I recommend a 5 day washout period so tolerance doesn't become an issue

    I forgot to mention that I have also tapered from a Buprenorphine regimen to 2mg I am maintained on 2mg it is my ceiling is at 4mg and I have to say after I took the phenibut I forgot to dose for 2 days it didn't even cross my mind I am physically dependent on opiates I believe that phenibut can help in some withdrawal studies in the future. Although I usually do not start feeling withdrawals until the 72 hour mark because of Buprenorphines long half life.

    My pros of phenibut : Memory Enhancement, Increases reaction time, Boost in cognitive power, enhances thinking process, intelligence, motivation and attention.
    increases sex drive/orgasm, decreases need to smoke possible help with opiate withdrawal.
    Nootropics are pretty safe. Has somewhat of a recreational value


    My cons of phenibut : Mild alcohol-like hangover, long after effects, mild migraines, dry mouth & dizzyness
    Withdrawal effects with access use as stated by amanitadine.

    Well that's my detailed trip report.. Hope you like it. Remember most of what I said is not evidence It is just my experience,reaction, and dose to this chemical.
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