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    MDMA and Methotrexate? 
    So a friend of mine has Crohn's disease and currently takes 12.5 mg of Methotrexate every Sunday. We will be attending a New Years rave, and he wants to try MDMA for the first time. I've been watching out for him, and doing some research to see if the two drugs (MDMA and Methotrexate) would interact to produce harmful effects, and it seems like the only problem would be the strain placed on the liver. However, if the mdma is taken sublingually (under the tongue), it completely bypasses the liver/stomach and goes straight into the blood stream. Also, the rave is on a monday, the day after he takes his medication. Would there be any complications for him if he took a small dose of mdma sublingually for his first time? I talked to him about plugging, and he really doesn't want to do it. Thanks for any input you may have!
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    Since he has Crohn's disease I can completely understand why plugging would be out of the question.

    All the information I can find is pointing to the fact that it ultimately would not have any real significant interactions.

    Something you should think about is that some people have bowel movements on the come-up and on the comedown/day after. This could be exaggerated by his Crohn's disease.

    Google Search on Crohn's Disease + MDMA

    I would venture to say understanding MDMA use while having Crohn's disease would be a good starting point.
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    i have a good friend with chrons and he has no problem rolling, but im not sure what his medication is.

    it doesnt look like mdma has any negative interactions with Methotrexate
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    Thanks for the input guys. Does anyone have anything they would like to add to this?
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