Thread: Meth recovery. Tips/expirences?

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    Meth recovery. Tips/expirences? 
    Hey everybody , i'm a recovering meth addict.

    I used for about a year daily. I injected as well as smoked. It got to the point where I decided to move from my city to another for a fresh start. I was clean for 5 months up until last week, I went on a 5 - day stint of partying and back to slaming. This time around i really hated the whole expirence... realizeing how life ruioning and disgusting this drug really is.. I had bad muscle spasms and psycological trip these 5 days. So now a week later , I'm having bad craveings , all I do is lay in my room and go to work , and its not a good way to live. any tips how to stay clean? curb the craveing? get SOME motivation back?

    - Thanks - Kelly.

    - Id like to add the craveings i know are "mental" but sometimes its hard to control when your angry - frustrated. And I also smoke weed to be stoned on something to keep my head straight.
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    I'm going to move this to the correct forum.

    Anon --> TDS
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    Your story reminds me of mine. I had to move to get away from meth as well. I think your best bet now is to just try to keep yourself busy and distracted from the cravings. Go for walks, do artwork, take some classes, whatever as long as it keeps you distracted. Do you have any sort of support group (or person) you can talk to about this?
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    ^^Thanks for your reply spork. No, I have no support system or anybody I can talk to. pretty much people-wise in my life right now I have people I cant talk about it with - or people I can ,that just try to suck me back in to it. I'm alone in this , and I pretty much feel thats the way its suppose to be. I put myself into this now I suffer. I belive in karma and now its my turn to pay.
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    Stick around TDS, hun. There are a lot of people that will help support you here. You don't have to suffer.
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    Thanks, Thats great to hear. I'm also having lots of trust issues now because I find a lot of meth users try to mind fuck and take advantage of you. sexually, for what you got etc. its making it very hard to trust the people I meet in real life. Do you know what I mean/ have you been through any of these issues. what did you do to cope?
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    Nothing is worth it.

    The bed is the only place I want to be.
    I want to wake up dead.
    I wish I could feel motivated.
    I feel nothing.
    No one loves me.
    Life is pointless.
    I ruined life.
    I am a failure.


    These feelings. They are primal.
    I do not need to rely on feelings like my old self.
    I am stronger than that.
    I will push forward and make decisions based on drive and drive alone.
    My mind may feel no pleasure.
    Severe depession and lonliness are mere signs
    Signs that I am not fighting hard enough
    The moment I seek an escape from the battle
    It will catch me and consume me once more.

    My decision was my decision:
    To better my life.
    Temptations will not win.
    I will not run.
    I continue to fight past the point of exhaustion.
    The war will end soon.
    A fresh start is ahead.
    I smile even though I feel nothing.

    Soon I laugh again.
    I find myself talking to regular people like I fit in.
    People begin to contact me again.
    I look around and see the colors of the world.
    My senses seem to be getting stronger.
    The green grass is so beautiful.
    I don't remember the world being so bright since childhood.
    I feel stronger than ever.
    I look around and see common people.
    Could they have made it through as I did?

    The voice of God whispers in the wind, "Welcome back."

    -Renz Envy
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    ^ thats beautiful. I feel like the first 2 parts, just need to drag myself to the last part . i'm longing for that bliss!
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    don't be mad that I get more butts than an ashtray.
    renz - that's spot on. awesome.
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    ever think about going to NA or AA? It is a great place to meet sober people who understand your sufferings and are truly supportive wo wanting something out of you. Women should stick to the women initially. If you do go to a meetingk raise your hand and let them know you are newly sober and need phone numbers and maybe invite someone to hang out with you afterwards?

    Even if you dont believe in AA or NA, at least it is a positive sober social network.

    or another option is to go to rehab, if you can afford it. I went to a place in Long Island NY for 6k and another outside of Montreal for 10K - i didnt ask if they accepted insurance. It is good just having some space from drugs to allow ur head to clear and it is good to establish a healthy routine.'

    Stay strong!!
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    I was, for several years, heavily "intrigued" by methamphetamine.

    Ultimately the way I escaped from this impossibly strong association was by completely and totally diverting my attention elsewhere.

    I sank down into an addiction of work, but only in order to avoid the more desperate beckoning of meth.

    Whenever I was in a position to relapse, I took stock of my own assets, realized how meager they were, and then compared them to my massive accumulated debts that I was bound to pay. Whether you would be in such a position cannot truly be known, but this feeling of despair may have helped fuel my motivation to get away from such situations. Aligning your attention to an exterior target or goal has helped many in your position.

    I keep clean by remembering the cost of my addiction, reflecting on the opportunities lost, and recalling the lessons or hardships I've endured as a result of my poor decisions to ensure that they are future lessons for myself so that I do not repeat such mistakes. Though I have been a fool, I do not wish to repeat those brash actions ad infinitum.

    Your motivation should be a realization in yourself that you want to live beyond the moment and into some future self.

    You do not need to be limited by your mistakes. You can surpass yourself and become a greater person.

    Best Regards.
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    Exercise. It's a wonderful way to feel empowered, improve your lifestyle and give yourself a goal to divert your attention to Give it a try, you have nothing to lose! You will physically feel much better and you will have a hobby, something VERY important to have when quitting a substance.
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